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Yeti are real.


by Thomas Bowling

I am the world's biggest skeptic, second only to my wife who constantly needs reassuring that I love her. So it's with trepidation that I write this.

On Feburary 2, 1959, nine Russian hikers disappeared from the Ural Mountains. Their disappearance has never been explained. What I am about to share with you is what I found out from research. The information comes from documentaries and the internet.

I began my investigation as a skeptic. It sounded like National Enquirer stuff. I expected to see that the Yeti married the Lock Ness monster. No such luck. What I discovered is astounding. After much research and pondering all of the evidence, I am now convinced that Yeti exist. No, I haven't lost my mind. After reading, I think you will come to the same conclusion.

The hikers had traveled for several days and finally reached the summit of The Mountain of Death, quite a name. No word of them was ever heard again. A rescue team was sent and found an eerie scene.

The would-be rescuers found the hikers’ tent ripped to shreds. Their clothes and their shoes were still inside. The hikers had fled wearing only their underwear and barefoot in thirty below temperatures. They left behind a video camera that showed a large, hair covered, ape-like creature running through the woods.

The hikers were frightened out of their minds and recorded their thoughts. They cut slits in their tent so they could watch what was happening outside. Something terrifying was out there.

The searchers found something else of interest. They discovered evidence that the Russian military had already been there. They had examined the site and covered it back up. They replaced everything as carefully as if it had been an archeological dig, but they left behind a piece of evidence of their presence, a small piece of military equipment. To this day, the Russian government vehemently denies this.

Over the next three months, the hikers' bodies were found scattered in different directions over a wide area, miles from where they had been killed. They had suffered horrific injuries. One hiker's eyes were gouged out and her tongue was ripped out. An animal attack was quickly ruled out.

The hiker's bones had been crushed and their bodies were mutilated. The medical examiners said that no human was strong enough to inflict the kind of injuries that the hikers had suffered. Some of the victims had been crushed with tremendous force.

Strangely, the Russian government had been investigating reports of Yeti sightings for years. On the same date that the hikers were killed, Russia abruptly stopped all investigation into Yeti. No reason has ever been given, but this is not uncommon in Russia. Winston Churchill described Russia as an enigma wrapped in a mystery.

The story was shut down for over fifty years, and just recently people have begun to examine it again. A television crew went to Russian to see what could be discovered.

What they first discovered was a small village in the Urals. Shortly after the disappearance of the hikers, Russian soldiers arrived in the village. For months, the villagers were tortured and asked over and over what had become of the hikers.

After several months, the soldiers left, accepting the villagers’ stories of a creature matching Yeti's description. They called the creature Megoi. It had never, to their knowledge, attacked a human, but slaughtered deer were often found with their tongues ripped out.

Several scientists were interviewed including some who were alive at the time of the killings. What they found out is astounding. There are over five-thousand eyewitness sightings of Yeti. There are numerous videotapes, photographs, and recordings of Yeti. On the recordings, ear-splitting screeches can be heard that sound specialists can't identify. In a cave, they found hairs that belong to no known animal. Also in several caves, there were makeshift beds constructed of twigs and grass. Hundreds of plaster casts of huge footprints have been made.

The investigators also found that out that secretly, The United States conducted its own Yeti investigation after several unexplained sightings. The findings of this investigation have never been revealed, and are under lock and key.

Throughout the world, paintings and stories of Yeti, Big Foot, the Abominable Snowman - whatever you want to call it - are found. There is simply too much evidence to ignore the possibility that something exists that we haven't found yet.

I know this sounds like hocus-pocus, and I don't expect everyone to believe it. I admit there were times I doubted my own sanity, but the proof is overwhelming. The evidence is all available to anyone who wants to know the truth. Just do a little research and I think you will come to the same conclusion as me. Yeti are real.

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