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Difference Between Men and Women

by pome lover

 Men are yes or no people.

Wife to husband: "You actually  met the President???"
Husband:  "Yep."
Wife: "Didn't you notice any details?"
Husband:  "Nope."

Women notice every little detail.
Husband:  "what's wrong?"
Wife: "She's wearing white shoes in October!"

Men are adventurous.
Husband: “Let’s move to Florida!”

Women are realistic.
Wife: “Are you crazy?”

Men see the next obstacle/problem and act on it.  “Out of beer.  Back in a minute!”

Women skirt obstacles/problems.  Which to buy?  Linen pants – size 10, spandex  pants – size 8.  (are you kidding?)

Men on phone: “Okay.  Right.  See ya.”

Women on phone:  “And then you add a Little Tobasco's not that hot, and..."

Men: “Yes, I’ll have the steak.”

Women:  “Well, I should have the salmon, but the fried shrimp sounds… no wait, I think I’ll…”

Men:  “Honey, 7 o’clock, time to go.” 

Women:  7:30.  “Ready.”

Men: from sick bed – “Groan, moan, Honey, could you bring me… and also…”

Women:  sick bed?

Men tell jokes and remember the punch line.
Women get to the end and... and...


Difference between men and women writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Describe the difference between men and women, or man and woman, in 200 words or less. Your choice of form, it can be anything. They can be any age, babies, young, old, etc.
It can be as simple as the following:

Men are big.
Women are small.


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