Self Improvement Non-Fiction posted March 23, 2017

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I own a horse that if I didn't have would go crazy

I Believe Animals Are Therapeutic

by Abby Wilson-hand

I Believe Contest Winner 

I believe my horse Jack is my therapy horse. I have many issues with health and mind. In my mind I have paranoia, anxiety, depression, a personality disorder and PTSD. I'm a forty five year old women with so many aches and pains and my mind that plays tricks on me.

I'm a person that is a fall risk, in the past five years I have broken my ankle, both wrists, elbow, both thumbs. I have had many surgeries, hysterectomy in which I had woken up on life support, five right knee surgeries in which resolved in a total knee replacement. I have also had surgery on both wrists for carpel tunnel, my pinkie, a cadaver ACL in my left knee just a few weeks ago.

My horse Jack is my amazing, he lets me walk beside him as I grasp his mane to hold me up and use him as a crutch to walk. Brushing him gives me great joy, when I'm with him I'm smiling, it seems as if he is smiling too. Since I have so many issues it's hard for me to saddle him up. I have to do things in moderation and he is patient with me, for it takes me so long to saddle him unless my son does it for me.

I have a step up stool that makes me even with his back. Jack lets me climb aboard with pulling my leg across his but and to the other side, with gentleness and ease he stands perfectly still for me. As soon as I'm sitting straight up on his back my heart settles to a perfect beat, of love for the horse and the love for Jack.

When I'm with Jack or on his back for just that little bit, my broken body allows me to feel free. Free of anxiety, free of depression, free of paranoia. I'm in pure bliss with him, the sadness over whelms me if I can't be with him. I seek that smile when I look out the window at him knowing that I'm stuck in the house with pain so unbearable that I can't go out to be with him.

I believe in my heart that he heels my broken soul, my broken body and the PTSD that I suffer from. The Winter Is hard on my mind for it's so hard to go out without falling. I have only been out to see him one time in the past two weeks. When he gathers a look at me he paces the fence whinnies for me to come closer for his much deserved treats and attention.

Jack runs to me for the attention that I also seek from him. As soon as we greet each other with love and the sacrifices I make just to make my way to him. If he is not in my sight I call for him "Jack come see mommy Jack", He literally flies at a dead run just to see me. No human gives me that pleasure of wanting to see me. So yes I believe Jack is my sanity, my love, my physical and mental therapy.

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I Believe
Contest Winner

I love to tell this true story of love and sacrifice of my horse named Jack
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