General Fiction posted March 21, 2017

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An unlocked door.

Unlocked Door

by Thomas Bowling

She didn't lock her door Contest Winner 

She didn't lock her door, but her heart was tied up as tight as any lockbox. I could never find a way in. No matter how I tried. Her door was unlocked but there was no admittance.

Her heart was not for sale, but her love could be rented. It was cheaper by the hour. She wasn't always like this. Someone made her this way. She came into this world soft and now was hard.

I know. I'm the bastard that did this to her. Too many nights alone. Too long unavailable. I learned to cheat and she learned how to make it profitable. She can't love, but she can find something like love anytime she wants, and she wants it a lot.

When I think of how things used to be, I know that neither of us would go back. It's sad, but that's just the way it is. Too much water under the bridge or over the dam, however that saying goes. Sometimes there's no way to make things right.

When Mr. Right turns into Mr. Wrong it's better to move on. Find something new and try to start over, but she never will. A man can always go back no matter what he's done. A woman can't. There's no forgiveness for a fallen woman. She made her bed and put a payment slot on it.

She's afraid of Heaven or Hell. That leaves Purgatory. An unlocked door, with no way out.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem or short story beginning with the words 'She didn't lock her door...' This may stand alone or be a part of a sentence. Maximum word count: 1,000.

She didn't lock her door
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