Mystery and Crime Fiction posted March 21, 2017

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In Broad Open Daylight


by country ranch writer

Jamie Jones, had been in town shopping like all girls her age. A big college town known for great beaches and good times. She had come to the college to study pre-med. She was lucky enough to get an apartment off campus with another girl the same age. She was heading home, as she pulled into the parking lot she got out of her car and started to go inside. When out of nowhere a man shoves a gun in her face demanding money. Jamie told the guy she had no money left. She said,"I spent it all on school books and clothes."

He began to get angry,he muttered, "I ought to kill you." He shoved her towards her car opening the trunk. He grabbed her purse and credit cards he then demanded the number for their pins. Pushing her into the trunk closing it wth a loud slam. She was in fear for her life, she had no money left on her credit cards. He was furious, so fit to be tied, he headed out of town. She thought he'd make her pay for this, probably maybe rape and then kill her so she couldn't blab.

Jamie was scared beyond words, she knew her life was on the line. She remembered, she had left a small flash light next to her jack. After searching everywhere she found it, she gave a sigh of relief. She had heard that the trunk could be opened by the inside latch. Finding it, she was biding her time to make her great escape.

Never once did he check to see if she was okay.She heard him slowing down and coming to a stop. She heard him take off the gas cap and fill the car up. She had just filled it up before he kidnapped her. They had gone it seemed for ever before stopping.

Taking a chance they might be at a gas station she lifted the trunk as he sped away. He was going pretty fast and Jamie tumbled to the ground rolling quickly out of his line of vision. She crawled into the store and the clerk hid her while calling the cops. The camera caught her escape on camera and a clear picture of the kidnapper. She had a few lacerations and bruises all over her body but it was better than winding up dead. She considered her self lucky to just be alive.

She gave them all the information on what transpired when she got to the parking lot where she was abducted. She gave them the make, color, model and tag information in hopes they could find her car and arrest him. She was afraid to go back to her place for he might be watching planning to still kill her.
They took her over to the campus where she was able to stay with another friend Julie at the dorm till the kidnapper was caught.

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