General Fiction posted March 21, 2017

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Did Alexia lock her door?

She didn't lock her door

by Bichon

She didn't lock her door, or did she? Alexia stared up at the ceiling from her bed. She was drifting off to sleep when the thought occurred to her. Alexia was notorious for worrying, but this time it felt different. It didn't feel like a normal worry, it felt slightly sinister. She propped herself up on her elbows and reassured herself that she was being silly. After all, she lived in a rickety, old house in the middle of nowhere. Anyone who came into even close range would automatically assume it was deserted. At least she hoped so.

Alexia drifted off into slumber but she was awoken abruptly. She sprang out of bed and grabbed a baseball bat. She readied it over her shoulder and took a peek out of the bedroom window. A confused expression spread across Alexia's face as everything surrounding the house was still. Not even the sound of distant cricket chirps was present. Perhaps it was her imagination, that was the most logical assumption anyway. Alexia dropped the bat and clambered back into bed.

Alexia once more started at the gaping ceiling above her. She couldn't sleep, no matter how hard she willed herself to. The thought of the stupid door was still looming over her. Alexia moaned loudly and threw the covers off of herself in protest. She yanked the bedroom door open and stomped down the stairs. When she arrived at the door she froze in place. The door was cracked open. Alexia guided her shaky fingers over to the handle and slowly pulled it open fully. She screamed when she saw what was behind the unlocked door.

She didn't lock her door writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem or short story beginning with the words 'She didn't lock her door...' This may stand alone or be a part of a sentence. Maximum word count: 1,000.

I had so much fun writing this short story. Good luck to all of the contestants.

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