Humor Fiction posted March 12, 2017

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A peacock in a high wind, trying to impress his ladies.

'He Blew Me Away'

by sue133

Made me Laugh-Out-Loud Contest Winner 

In the grounds of the Mona gallery, in Tasmania, the wind was blowing so hard I had to hold my hat with two hands. There were very few people walking up the path past the grass and shrubbery. Three peahens were scratching in the dirt quietly minding their own business. They hardly warranted a look, their dull brown, muted feathers blending in with the earth.

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a peacock strutted out from behind a small bush, his greenish, blue feathers ruffling against the breeze. Slowly, he began his dance, displaying the glory for all to see; his iridescent, fractal plumage spread out like a fan, the eye like spots appearing to glow through the grey day. This beautiful creature began to shake his tail feathers and I could faintly hear the rattling sound like the strings of a guitar. Suddenly caught in a rush of wind, he and his display were catapulted sideways down the hill. His plumage carried him along at an alarming rate. The last I saw of him was his perplexed eyes and his tail feathers, knocked sideways, dragging him along. To my left, three heads were turned watching in dismay as their suitor was blown away. I had to laugh out loud.

Writing Prompt
Poem or prose about an incident that you saw or that happened to you that made you laugh out loud....after the incident the day a friend went sky-diving and her teeth blew away....or the kids at school asking whether I was covering a hickey, (love bite) on my neck because I always wear scarves. (I wish..)

Keep it short....half a page....we've all had these incidents...

Made me Laugh-Out-Loud
Contest Winner

I laughed but felt a degree of compassion for the subject of this story, caught out in the middle of his courtship.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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