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A Dialogue Only Contest Entry - 450 words

An Expert Opinion?

by ~Dovey

"Poets R Us - what's your pleasure?  Sonnet?  Sestina?  Villanelle?"

"I'm not looking for any services, I'm calling because I'm perplexed as to why you've downgraded my poem in your latest review.  My name is Dovey."

"Hmm... Dovey, you say?  I already told you in the review, your syllable counts aren't correct and that means your meter is off."

"Honestly, I respect your talent as a poet and would generally defer to anything you have to say, especially about meter, but I counted all of the syllables and they are correct, I even verified with the dictionary."

"Quit being daft, it is as plain as that flower growing in the grass. Your problem is that word right there, dandelion; dan-de-line. Three syllables."

"Dandelion is a four syllable word. In every dictionary I checked it is four syllables. Ask Mr. Webster or your old buddy, Oxford. You know, it rhymes with Hawaiian or Mayan, though I'm not sure either of those cultures actually had dandelions."

"No, no -- it rhymes with Angevine or Madeline and dandelions are the perfect rhyme for Valentines. The perfect gift, too, in my opinion."

"I take it you're not the romantic sort if you are giving dandelions to your Valentines. No woman wants to be given a weed as a declaration of love. What's wrong with roses?"

"They are no good for noses, no matter what name they might be called, and they make me sneeze. Besides, they cost too much. Much better to go pick dandelions myself."

"You are incorrigible; no wonder you're still single after all these years. I can't believe you even claim to be a descendant of William Shakespeare. He'd be rolling over in his grave."

"Oh, what do you know? Madeline loved my dandelion poetry. I wonder what she's got herself up to. I should ring her sometime. Maybe I'll ring and ask her to be my Valentine. We could go to the pub and have a pint or two. Clearly, you are confused anyways. The name is Fakespeare, Freddie Fakespeare. Besides, my sonnets are much better than old Willie Shakes' ever were, his barely even rhyme."

"Better than Shakespeare? Wow! That's quite the claim. What a romantic, I suppose you'd take her to a soccer game as a hot date, too."

"Of course not. Anyways, it's called football. Even you should bloody well know that."

"No, football is the game with the oval shaped ball. Never mind... no sports, no poetry, and no romance. What's left to talk about? How's the weather over there?"

"Blimey! It's raining again. Oh well, that will be good for the dandelions."

"I made an international call for this?  Thank you and good day, sir."


Dialogue Only Writing Contest contest entry


Picture courtesy of Pixabay

This dialogue is written with my apologies to William Shakespeare.

450 Words
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