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She Is Really Amazing.

My Character Is A writer

by country ranch writer

I Am Not Your Creation Contest Winner 
As the story begins to come along, I have a feeling I am not alone as I write. My character seems to be taking on a persona of her own. She begins with taking me on a journey. Soon I become one with my character. She is a writer and is obsessed with wanting to know what is going to happen next. She makes me see people for who they really are and compassionate to their every need.

Our words seem to fill up the pages one after another as if magic fingers were in control of the keyboard. We have created our story and allowed it to breathe, sharing our joy and creation with everyone. We've. showed your readers we can write what other writers tend to hide the truth.

The most important question to ask yourself when you start writing is,"How important is your creation to you and the rest of the world?"

Seeing your final creation in print is one of the greatest thrills of your life. One you won't forget anytime soon.

In writing your story you want your readers to feel what you feel, hear what they hear, fight their demons, as the story unfolds facing the out come as to whether it is good or bad. You are often surprised by your characters like I am with mine.

Writing can take you places you have never been before in your mind, body and soul. It Is a place to escape from the hum drum of everyday living. When you start writing you will find that anything is possible. There are no limitations what you can accomplish. Finding the words to describe feelings, and emotions of the people as they struggle with life's issues.

It takes persistence and discipline to continue to write on a daily basis. Writing is usually done alone without any distractions. Picking a quiet place to write is essential.So be sure to find a place to settle into write that you will be comfortable with while doing so.

Many writers choose to write using a different point of view which leave you to develop your characters and your story. You may even find a new angle for the story you haven't considered before. Many writers write in a genre they are most comfortable with while others tend to try different ones like horror, nonfiction, drama, music, writing a play, script or novel and even short stories.

While typing, I wrote a message to my character who was helping me write this article. I said,
"You have no idea how jealous I am of you right now." I told the character that was as one with me presently.

In turn the character replied in answer to my statement. "Nor have you any idea how jealous of you I am because I am not your creation." I am a figment of your muse's imagination .. I belong to her.

"I am a character and a writer I think she is quite amazing," the character sighed.

"My muse you see went to sleep and left me all alone to roam inside your computer. You just happened to stumble onto me, she calls me her secret weapon. I run wild while she is sleeping, I am usually back in her mind before she wakes. I am always open to new ideas and going on new adventures."

"I am glad you think so." She is quite charming for a muse I told the character. My only regret is that you are not real. When I really need her she disappears to parts unknown till she feels like coming back.

The character said,"Would you mind if we got back to writing?"

"As you wish,"I agreed. "I should have been the one to ask before now."

"Certainly not, I have been enjoying someone listening to me for a change," the character said.

"No matter how much we accomplish there is always more to be written," I reminded her.

"I just remembered I have to get going now,"she said. There was no further reason for her to be there any longer. Her muse would not be thrilled her imagination had been discovered.

"Why was she suddenly worried what her muse would think of her talking to a human?"

"It's a secret.No one was supposed to see me." the character said.

"Ok,no problem,"I assured her.

A bond had been formed between them it would most likely last a long time.

I couldn't sleep earlier so I got up to write and this was turning out to be much more entertaining than staring at a blank page.

"I am sorry you are sad now." I told the character. "Is it because you must leave?"

"Yes, I must tell you goodbye now."as she disappeared from my computer.

"Why do writers write you ask?" Writers write for themselves and for others to enjoy, they listen to people's conversations and learn what people say and do when they are out with others. Writers face challenges put to them by others. Many want them to read their works and have them put in it in print instead of doing it them selves.

The people said,"it was an adventure when they first started but then they lost interest half way through."

There are always stories to be written full of wonderment, sometimes a feeling crops up with things not being what they seem to be.

While writing your story you wonder,"Will this story turn into something special, maybe a mystery, horror, or a love story, or a murder mystery. "

Decisions to be made, facts to gather, notes to be taken, research, inquires to be made, before it all comes together full circle. All this must be done before one starts the book of a life time. Putting your heart and soul into Your writing. Waiting for some one to give you a break to become noticed.

I love to write for my own enjoyment and to entertain the people who read my work. I learned not to become discouraged when writing. There is a lot to be learned along the way.

Just start your writing, don't stop to worry about your editing until you are completely finished. Put it away for a day or two then go back and reread what you have written then do your edits.

"Remember, when writing you are just as good as everyone else, don't let them pull you down by saying otherwise. You are a writer!"

Sure, you might have to rewrite a few things and tweak here and there that is expected. Those who criticize to a harsh extent have all ready been published and are jealous to a fault. Never give up writing at any cost you learn as you go and your work will be great.

I Am Not Your Creation
Contest Winner
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