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Sometimes cops do know more about the law than you.

The Ticket

by Macsween

Dialogue Only Writing Contest Contest Winner 






Oh, close.

Next one.

Seventy-five. Damn.

Ha ha.


Pick up sticks.


I'm alive.


He's done. Shall we?

Na, nothing below eighty- three, give 'em a little leeway.

Hey. What you doing after work?

Gotta date with my wife.

No way, I have too. She said she was blowing you off.

Don't be crude. Eighty.

Was that an Aston Martin?


Maybe it was James Bond.

You ever driven one of those?

Seventy-nine. Na.

I have. Brother got me a test drive for my birthday.

Did you get the girl, kill the baddies and save the entire planet? Seventy-four.

No. I forgot my tux.

Ha. Forty-five. Who's in that, Miss Daisy?

Your mom.

I thought your mom was Miss Daisy

No, that's my dad.


You think it's true the Captain's gonna retire in June?

They've been saying that for ten years. Eighty. Seventy-eight. That old boy will go on forever.
You know he's made of bits of different cops. Yeah, every time something fails, they just get a new piece. I heard he's after your gluteus maximus.

He can have it.

Ninety-five. Bingo. Let's roll.

Sure you can catch up? Want me to drive?

Watch and learn, son. Call it in.

This is car Fourteen got a hot mover on Freeway Nine. We are engaging vehicle.

Received Fourteen. You need another car down there?

That's a negative control. The road is clear, the sun is shining bright, the tarmac's dry and you have a lovely voice. Have you ever thought about narrating nature documentaries?

What have I told you about talking like that on the radio?

Sorry, mom.

Hit the bull horn. Two blasts and don't do you know what.

You know I've gotta. HOOOONK, HOOOONK. I love that sound. HOOOONK.

Cut that out. I'm trying to drive here.

You wanna put your foot down, catch up, hang back a bit so they think you're at top whack then BANG floor it and pull up in front tyres screetchin' and gravel flyin'.

Really? Jeez, I've got a tadpole teaching me to be a frog here.


They're pulling over. You get out first. I'm checking the plate.

Ten four.

Yes, officer?

Is this your car, sir?

Yes. Is there a problem?

You were going a little too fast back there.

I don't think so.

We'll see. I'll get my partner to show you our dash cam reading.

What's he said?

Nothing yet.

Hello, sir.

Hello. Look, yes this is my car, your colleague's already asked that.

I wasn't going to ask that, sir. I was going to inform you that you were speeding.

I wasn't.

You were.

No I wasn't. I was doing ninety-five.

Same as my dash cam says. That's speeding.

No it isn't. Look, Officer, I don't know how long you have been a police officer.

Fourteen years.

I don't care. The point is, I wasn't speeding. I would have thought that an officer with fourteen years' experience would know that there is no speed limit in the state of Montana during daylight hours.

This is Wyoming, sir.


Dialogue Only Writing Contest
Contest Winner

I'm back. First post since 2014. Been super busy on other projects. Feelin' a little rusty.

Don't know if the stuff about speed limits is true. I'm from UK.

Artwork by BRUCEIORIO.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by BRUCEIORIO at

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