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by DonandVicki

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She was seated two bar stools away from me, and was drinking a beer that had an orange slice in it. Her bright red lipstick was smudged on the near empty glass. At first glance she looked like a biker chick, a rough exterior, bandanna tied around her head. She had on a tight fitting, white, v-neck tee shirt, obviously not wearing a bra, but being very buxom and firm, she apparently didn't need one. She looked like she was in her late thirties. This is exactly the kind of woman that I was looking for.

I searched for something to compliment about, without sounding like I was trying to pick her up. She had a tattoo depicting a set of fouled anchors on her right shoulder.

"Nice Tattoo," I said, "is your husband or boy friend a Chief in the Navy?"

This is a deceptive question, to the untrained ear it sounds like a compliment, but I was trying to break the ice, and find out if she was attached.

She turned her head slowly to look at me. It was then that I could see that she had been crying. Tears filled her eyes but had not yet spilled down her cheeks. Her bright, deep blue eyes were framed by long, lush eyelashes.

"Oh God...I hope...I didn't mean..." I said.

"It' okay... I'm sort of single, I retired from the Navy last year as a Chief," she said, taking a bar napkin to dry her tears.

"You look too young to have retired."

"Yup, I joined right out of high school."

"Can I get you another beer," I said, "it looks like you might need another."

"Thank you," she said, "that's very sweet of you."

I stood up and moved to the stool next to her. Sweet wasn't a response that I was looking for, nor wanted. She had no idea who was sitting next to her. Neither did the twenty four other women that I am currently tracking.

I too retired from the Navy as a Corpsman. I retired as a First Class and got my nursing degree (RN) from a local college. I currently work at a major hospital. Forgive me if I don't tell you my last name, where I graduated, or which hospital that I work at. This information is of a sensitive nature. I will tell you that I track all over the country. I have a perverse hobby of tracking women.

I work in the Emergency room as a trauma nurse. My specialties are intubation, starting IV's, and remaining calm in crisis situations. People can crash and die in front of me. Broken bones, blood, do not excite me. Crying relatives do not move me, I have zero empathy, sorry... but I just saw too much shit in Afghanistan.

My game, if you want to call it that, is to gain the confidence of an unattached woman, get her intoxicated, take her home to her house, and make love with her. After she falls asleep, the fun begins. I use a drug called Succinylcholine, a neuro muscular blocking agent. We use it in the emergency room to temporarily paralyze the patient so we can intubate. The paralysis usually begins in about thirty seconds.

I then surgically insert a small GPS chip, about the size of a grain of rice, in the back of her scalp. There is no pain, no blood, and one of the special features of the succinycholine is that it not only temporarily paralyzes the patient, it also causes a temporary amnesia. In other words, she wakes up in the morning, thinks she's got a bad hangover, and cannot remember jack. Oh..., by the way that's my first name. Before I depart the scene, I make sure that she will come out of the anesthetic, power up my smart phone, and make sure that the GPS chip is tracking. Yes... there is an app for that.

"Are you sad or are those tears of joy?" I asked.

"Both," she said, "my husband left me."

"Congratulations, and... the sad tears are for?" I said, half jokingly.

"I have to go through another round of chemo, the cancer has returned, "she said, "that's why I'm wearing the bandanna , my ass wipe husband couldn't take it any longer, and bailed."

Now you would think that I would just get drunk, have pity sex with her and move on, but oh no...not me.

"I am so sorry, can I get you another beer...?" I said, holding out my hand.

"Rachel," she said.

"Just call me Jack."

"Sure, Jack..., would you like to play a game of pool?" She asked.

"I would love to."

We played several games and she let me win a few and she won several games. We laughed and I could tell that after about four beers, she was loosening up and having fun.

"Can I get you one more beer?" I asked.

"Sure, right after you give me a victory kiss."

I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me and kissed her deep. My tongue pressed against her lips and she let me enter her mouth without resistance. I felt a tingle go down my spine to my toes. We kissed for several moments and she pulled back.

"Mmmmm!" She said.

"That was very nice," I said.

"Come with me," she said, taking my hand.

We both went out the back door of the bar into the alley way. We kissed again and I put my hands behind her and clutched her butt, pulling her up close to feel my erection against her thigh. She feverishly put her hand on my crotch and squeezed me hard, bright popping stars filled my brain.

"Maybe we should continue this at your place?" I gasped.

She pulled back, looked me in the eyes intently and didn't say anything.

"I mean, wouldn't it be a lot better than in the back seat of a car, right?"

"Do you want to follow me?" She asked, "I live about three miles from here, out on Devil's Hole Road."

"Really?" I said, "is that an actual name of a road?"

She started to laugh. "Yes, silly, are you afraid?"

"Hell no....Why don't you just ride with me and I will bring you back in the morning?"

"Because I have an appointment in the morning, sweetie," she said.

I felt like I was starting to lose my erection and maybe she was losing the mood as well.

"Okay, I'll follow you."

She pulled out of the parking lot and put on her headlights as I stayed close behind her. We had gone about two miles out into the country, when she turned left onto a two lane county road, 'Devil's Hole, Rd.' We drove another half mile and she pulled off onto a dirt road that led to a single wide trailer. Several old abandoned cars, with their hoods up, sat to the far side and waist high grass bordered the partial, split rail fence. Empty beer cans peppered the 'lawn'.

I walked over to her as she got out of her car and hugged her, She melted into my arms as I kissed her again. I was starting to feel sorry for her, which was unusual for me. That strange feeling of empathy was seeping into my consciousness.

"Let's go inside before the mosquitos eat us alive," she said.

I expected the inside to be as messy as the outside, but I guess the exterior was her husband's domain. The inside was as neat and tidy, no dirty dishes or piles of soiled clothes. The dark wood paneling matched the country trappings. It was decorated by a woman trying to please a man.

She pulled me over to the couch and started to unbutton my shirt.

"Maybe we should take this a little slower," I said.

"Bullshit," she said, "tonight, I'm celebrating."

She pulled my half buttoned shirt off, got down on her knees and started kissing my stomach. I started to swell inside of my jeans.

"My husband hasn't touched me since I was diagnosed with cancer," she whispered.

I stood up as she tugged my belt loose and pulled my pants down below my knees, my swollen cock danced loose. She sat back on the couch and massaged me. She had a look of amazement as her soft hand slipped up and down my shaft slowly. Her left hand cupped and softly squeezed me until I thought I was about to explode. She leaned forward and softly kissed the throbbing head and then started to lick the entire length, when she reached the top with her tongue she started to suck hard, just on the knob.

"This is going to end rather quickly if you don't stop now," I gasped.

She let my cock go with a 'pop' as it sprang out of her mouth. I swear, my knees were about to buckle. I was pretty sure we weren't going to make it to the bedroom.

I pulled her up off the couch and we half stumbled over to the bedroom door. We fell onto the bed, then she and I struggled to get the rest of our clothes off. She laid back on the bed with her legs spread, wanting me to enter her but I had other plans. I pushed her legs apart, started kissing and licking down her thighs. She draped her legs over my shoulders as I kissed my way down to her wet mound.

"Mmmm, sweet girl," I said, as I pushed my tongue deep inside of her to taste her. I flicked my tongue slowly as her pleasure mounted.

We made love several times that night, taking a break to drink some of her husband's whiskey, each time toasting his absence.

At about two am, she told me that she had to get up early, and had to get some sleep. We curled up naked under the sheets and she went to sleep almost immediately. I was still very amorous after she dosed off, so I got some lotion, pulled the sheets back and masturbated all over her plump breasts. I had never...ever...had such an amazing lover. She was a keeper, worthy of a tracking device.

I went out to my car naked to get my medical kit and went back into the trailer. I took a syringe and gave her the shot in her magnificent butt. Usually three to four Milligrams of succinylcholine will do the trick. I waited several minutes to put on my gloves and make sure the drug took hold. I rolled her over onto her stomach, then I got up close to her neck, made a micro incision using a scalpel, cleaned the incision with an alcohol swab and inserted the micro GPS device. After all the raucous sex and the booze that we drank, she wouldn't notice the small bump on the back of her scalp.

I checked my phone to make sure that I was receiving the GPS signal. The signal was powerful and usually had a range of several miles. This was another fun part of tracking, I would cruise the neighborhoods of 'My Girls' until I got a good signal. I would get a hit and a readout of the identity of the girl. Then I would go into phase two, stalking the victim. Hunting her down like an animal, and then satisfying my blood lust.

After putting my bag back in my trunk, I got back into bed with her and spooned up against her inviting backside. Her perfume and the warmth of her body got me instantly erect again. I had to turn on my side again so I could get some sleep.

She woke me up at seven thirty giving me a kiss on my forehead.

"Wake up stud, how did you sleep?"

"I can't remember when I've slept this sound," I said.

"I apologize, but unless you want to go with me, I have to go to my appointment," she said, "maybe we could have another round this evening?"

"Sure thing babe," I said.

I rarely had sex twice with a woman, mostly because I didn't want to get attached, nor did I want to get tied down. However, in her case I was going to make an exception, the sex was that good.

"How about we shoot some more pool at the bar, and have a few more beers?"

"Perfect," I said.

I got dressed and left her trailer. Then I drove North to Detroit to amuse myself by tracking a girl that I had grown tired of. I was hoping that if I found her, I could arouse myself with blood lust, this sport would enhance my sex drive and I could take it out on Rachel later this evening.

I cruised the streets of Dearborne Michigan, with my GPS set to 'find', looking for Veronica. I knew where she lived but there were no hits as I drove slowly by her place. I was about to give up and head back to Toledo, Ohio so I could have the afternoon with Rachel, when I got a strong hit as I drove by the Kroger Supermarket.

I cruised the Parking lot till I spotted her van, then I parked and just waited. The ground was wet from a recent rain and as the August sun came out, it turned the wet asphalt into a steam bath. I rolled up my windows, turned the air conditioning on and pulled a bottle of cheap vodka out from under my seat. Some liquid courage, I thought.

I only had to wait about fifteen minutes when I spotted Veronica coming out of the store pushing a cart full of groceries. I got out of my car just as she approached.

"Veronica!" I said, with a slight tone of astonishment.

"Jack..., what a surprise, what brings you here?"

"I drove by your place looking for you and was about to give up. I stopped here to get a six pack before heading South. This is a very pleasant coincidence," I said.

"Fantastic, can you help me with my groceries? You can follow me home, if you want too," she said, "I have a case of Bud in the cart."

"Super," I said.

We got the bags loaded into the back of her van, when I got an idea.

"Ronnie, how about you take me to your place so we can party then later this afternoon, bring me back here to my car," I said, "Your neighbors won't get suspicious seeing a strange car in your driveway."

"You always think of everything," she said.

We drove the several blocks to her house and I helped unload her van. She stayed in the house putting the food away, as I made the several trips from her kitchen to the van. On the last trip, I took out her tire iron and stuffed it into the sack.

"Is that the last one?" She asked, as she reached up to put some canned goods away.

"Yup, all but the case of beer," I said, as I swung full force, hitting her on the back of the skull with the tire iron.

That should deactivate the GPS, I thought. Just to be sure, I took my pocket knife and slit open the back of her scalp, the little transmitter was smashed into little bloody, grainy pieces.

I cut her clothing off and rolled her over to look at my latest trophy. Then I jerked off all over her blood stained skull to get rid of my throbbing erection.

I drove her van back to the Kroger parking lot, next to my car. I took the case of beer and put it in the back seat, within easy reach. I popped open a beer for the road, 'damn...' I thought, 'warm beer, oh well, mixed with vodka, I'll live'.

I drove south on route 75 till I was within several miles of the bar where I was going to meet Rachel. I turned on my GPS tracker and logged in her name, Bingo...Her signal came up strong. Just the thought of being with her naked, got me all excited again.

The bar was empty, except for Rachel sitting in a back booth. She smiled as I approached.

"I thought it would be a little more intimate back here, instead of sitting at the bar," she said.

As I sat down in the booth, I could see that she had been crying again. The tears had run down to the corners of her mouth.

"Did the appointment not go well today?" I asked.

She was silent for a few moments before she spoke.

"I had another CAT scan today and they found another lump," she said, her smile turning to a scowl.

"I'm so, so sorry to hear that, Rachel."

"Bullshit, Jack! How could you do that to me?"

She turned her head to show me the blood stained dressing on the back of her scalp.

I quickly got up out of the booth to make my escape, when I noticed the two police officers entering the bar. One from the front door, and another from the rear, with their side arms drawn.

"They tracked the GPS receiver back to your phone, you son of a bitch! Let me get you a beer this time," she said, throwing her beer in my face.

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