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Love on the Rocks

by michaelcahill

fade in

a man: early to mid-forties, average build and looks.
a woman: mid to late thirties, average build and looks.
We are in Maguire's Bar and Grill. It's dimly lit and not an upper crust establishment. It isn't a dive though. The clientele isn't especially rowdy. There are several regulars and it wouldn’t be off putting to someone stopping by for a drink after work or a place to get away from the grind for the evening. There's a decent band providing music, a couple pool tables and a small seldom used dance floor. The grill produces burgers and hot dogs with fries. The weekends feature steak sandwiches. The fare is better than what one would expect.
A man sits alone at the end of the bar nursing a Black Russian, his second. He's quiet but politely engages nearby patrons in idle chit chat. A woman enters through the open door and finds a table in the corner. The man, along with all the other men in the bar, take notice. They all attempt to be casual in their interest, some successfully.
The waitress approaches the woman.
What can I get you?
Can I get a vodka tonic, please?
Sure, no problem. I'll be right back with it. Anything to eat tonight. We have burgers, dogs, steak sandwiches all served with fries ... pretty good too, I eat here all the time.
The waitress pauses at the table and tilts her head as she lays down a napkin for the upcoming drink.
Uh ... maybe later. Just the drink for now. Thank you.
The waitress smiles and whisks away returning in short order with her drink. She places it on the napkin without a bill or request for payment.
I'm nearby, Hon. The pickens are a bit slim tonight if that's your aim.
I've had enough pickins to last me a lifetime.
They both laugh.
I guess that made sense after all. It sounded kind of funny once it left my mouth.
It made perfect sense, Hon, perfect sense.
The woman takes a sip and sighs as she looks around the bar. She sees the man at the end of the bar and quickly looks away. The man at the bar is engaged in conversation with an elderly man with a white beard.
Man with white beard
Sugar Ray Robinson was the greatest pound for pound fighter there ever was ... bare none! Plus, bein' a colored boy, he had it tough. These boys today just don't know. Civil rights, shoot, they just don't know.

I'm not saying Sugar Ray wasn't all that. I'll give you the times too. No question there. It wasn't a good time to be black, that's a cold hard fact. But I'm talkin' boxing, that's all. And don't think my boy Ali didn't have his share of tribulations over his skin color AND his beliefs too ... you forget that. He wasn't just a colored boy as you call him, he was a Black Muslim and that scared the white man to death. They didn't even know what that was. But they knew it wasn't good and it was out to get THEM.
They both take long draughts on their drink as they jiggle with laughter.
Man with white beard
Oh, I remember his troubles. Yessir, he had his share. But you take Sugar Ray and match him up pound for pound and inch for inch ... how can you compare them? Ali was the greatest HEAVYWEIGHT, sure, I'll grant you that. No big man ever moved like that, not even Jack Johnson ...
As the man with the white beard talked, the other man kept glancing over at the woman seated by herself. More than one man had approached her and been rebuffed. She was kind about it, shyly shaking her head and smiling sheepishly. No one seemed mad though the disappointment was apparent. He tried to pay attention to the man with the white beard who became more animated with every sip. But his attention became more and more focused on the lady sitting alone at the table.
I'll be right back, sir. You've got me on the run here and I don't like it. Maybe another drink will cloud your mind a bit and give me a better chance.
The man motions to the bartender who brings the man with the beard another drink. As the man rises from his chair the old man with the beard has already turned and engaged the gentleman sitting next to him in the same conversation. The man heads towards the woman sitting alone.
I have the feeling you're here for the same reason I am and meeting someone isn't it, am I right?
The woman smiles and nods her head.
That's true. Now, is that a line or are we in the same boat?
Honestly, I just came here to get away from myself. I'm finding that a little more difficult than I thought. If you wouldn't mind, perhaps I could sit here with you. That would keep the hounds off you and the old men who want to talk about ... EVERYTHING off me. Deal?
The man extended his hand. After a slight hesitation, she grabbed it and gave it a gentle shake. He sat down with his drink and they sat there in silence. They didn't speak or even make eye contact. What started out so easy going soon became awkward.
The band had played its last set and the jukebox was playing whatever selections folks happened to insert quarters to hear. The Neil Diamond song, Love on the Rocks filled the room.
"Love on the rocks
ain't no surprise
just pour me a drink
and I'll tell you some lies"
The man extended his hand again. It was an invitation to dance. Again, she hesitated. Again, she took his hand. The little space for dancing was close by and they embraced in silence moving to the music. When the song finished, they returned to the table.
A voice calls out; "Last call!"
The man and woman sit at the table fidgeting and their eyes lock.
This probably isn't a very good idea.
Yeah, I know.
They clasp hands and leave together.
fade out
fade in
We are in a bedroom. A couple is in bed as a small bit of sunshine streams in through a corner of drawn curtains. A man stirs and rises in bed looking at a still sleeping woman. She awakens.
Oh ... well, I guess I should, ah ...
Ah ... no, I mean, you really don't have to. I don't have any ...
I would ... it's not really a ... I mean, I'm sure it's not a sensible thing to do at all. It isn't a good idea, is it?
I haven't had much luck with good ideas lately.
He puts his arm around her and she slides towards him. They fall gently back on the pillow, embracing.
fade out
The End


Write A Screenplay contest entry

At 6:00PM (Fanstory time), a topic will be announced for a one act (or first act of a longer piece)script. I know everyone will be having snacks and a brewsky or two watching the big game, so remember you can report in anytime this week after the indigestion and hangover subside. Hope your team wins or at least comes in second he-he-he.

There should be both dialogue and some stage and/or filming directions depending on the type of script you choose to write.

Most of all, have fun with it~Debbie

TOPIC: Love on the rocks

Can be interpreted from a breakup to two lovers talking on a rock beside a creek. Have fun.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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