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Also called Project Lighthouse

Chemistry Corporate Model (CCM)

by davisr (Rhonda)

Chemistry Corporate Model (CCM)
Rhonda L. Marusak

Provide Advanced and gifted students a chance to reach their full potential in science by stimulating their imagination, creating challenges, giving them choices, increasing their interest, and providing personal connections to science curriculum.

*Self paced curriculum, including videos, guided reading and practice, menus for choice and differentiation, and my assistance.
*Peer tutoring
* Mastery of TEKS for all students.
* Business principles applied to group work
*"Ownership" of chemistry material
* Opportunities for advancement and remediation that are differentiated and individualized.
* Immediate feedback
* Fun, adventure, "in zone" activities.
* Organization, direction
* Innovation
* Technology
* Interaction with parents
* Input from students

* Rewards in the form of CC's, or Chemistry Capitol (coins), earning tangible rewards like food.
* Fortune 6 companies
* Structure in the form of student developed businesses
* Legitimate roles in the group with responsibilities and accountability
* Weekly challenges to keep students engaged and "in the zone"
* Random double CC days for challenge and engagement.
* Daily posting of top 6 companies according to CC's
* Unit checklist to make sure students know what's expected in the unit.
* Peer tutoring to allow struggling students to catch up, and faster students to strengthen their own understanding of the material.
* Students can excel past traditional boundaries, by moving ahead as they study on their own.
* Calling each parent to ask how their child best learns, and to help them feel a part of the process.
* Survey students to ask how what motivates them to learn.

Jobs within the group:
CEO (Chief Executive Officer) 
Make sure other officers can fulfill duties
Report needs of students to me
Help other students progress in chemistry. 
Delegation of responsibilities and tasks

Vice President:
Keep track of what everyone in the group has gotten turned in, and/or completed.
Back up CEO

CFO (Chief Financial Officer) :
 Keep track of points earned - these must be checked off daily by me - I’ll let you know the ones I have accrued to add to your form
Maintain a “Net Worth Statement” spreadsheet to keep up with your group’s points.

Make sure shared documents are turned in with all names on it.
Keep track of ideas

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer):
Obtain, keep clean and updated any and all lab and classroom materials.
Watch for real world trends in your business
Look for marketing ideas and apply to what you are trying to do in the business

If you do not have 5 members in your group to cover all the duties, you have to split the remaining duties among the other officers. This will go in your business proposal.
You may add other duties as needed

Extra instructions to students:

Name of the company - this must be unique and not an existing company
It may be practical (it can be done) or imaginary
Nature of the company (what you are making, or what service you are rendering)
Mission Statement
Logo (make sure it’s not already copyrighted)
Officer’s names and responsibilities

Disclaimer: This is a work in progress and will evolve as the year goes by.


Thank you for the beautiful artwork, "LightHouse Flare" by GaliaG

This is a program I have developed in my advanced Chemistry classes to try and reach all types of learners. It has a two fold purpose.

This first intent is measurable by district assessment scores and classroom grades. Even though the class is advanced, it still has a mixture of students with different learning types and abilities. It is my desire to reach as many of these students as I can. To be honest, I plan to reach them all.

The second intent is less measurable, and, perhaps, far more important. Many gifted students are disengaged because of boredom or misunderstanding by others of the complexities that make them "them". This often results in poor classroom behavior, and a loss of the brilliance they might have contributed to society.

Just like a lighthouse reaches out to lost ships in the dark of night, I hope to light fires within each student to, not only learn chemistry, but love it, and to spread that desire to others.

Please feel free to offer suggestions. This is a brief summary of a program that is in a constant state of growth and refinement. It is based on research, and polished by myself, students, associates, and parents. I now include all of you.

TEKS: Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills: a set of subject descriptors we use in Texas to equalize curriculum across the state.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by GaliaG at

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