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Blank Verse Sonnet Sequence

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Another Page

by mountainwriter49

Another Page
Blank Verse Petrarchan Crown of Sonnets.
I toss another page into the fire
as words elude me on this  chilling night.
My quill’s sharp point’s now rounded to a nub
so that its ink is blurred into a void,
a visionless morass lost in the fog
as I walk on the Tiber’s  lonely path.
‘Tis only me, my thoughts and visceral
self-condemnation that now freezes me.
      Oh, Bacchus, please pour me another glass
      so that my mind is cleared. Please shake my soul
      and wake my heart so that I’ll thrive again!
      I long for muse and clarity to write
      of that which yet resides so deeply in
      my heart, yet so concealed and leaves me lost…
My heart, yet so concealed and leaves me lost
amongst the ruins of the Palatine.
I love this place where time transcends all things
where Romulus once thrived and Remus died.
Such are the legends and the myths of men
as they ascended with grand prominence.
They fought and lived and loved as though they’d ne’er
die ‘fore the morning’s sun on foreign shores…
      ‘Tis now, my love, on Tiber’s shores, where I
       now find myself again with emptied pen
       and pages void of what I need to say.
      My life with you was love, yet now so void,
       thus leaving me so wanting in the cold
       of night’s e’er frightful sobe’ring bitterness.
Of night’s e’er frightful sobe’ring bitterness,
I am most chilled as quill’s tip scratches on
the parchment as I seek to share my thoughts.
But muse resists and damns my vision of
that which I must  now scribe upon this page!
And so, sweet love, I need my muse’s verve
that’s smothered by your smug  indifference
to my creative voice that yearns to speak.
      But still you do not hear and cannot feel
      that which I do as I walk rain-drenched streets
      at midnight’s  hour when fog descends and light
      dims to a soft vignette.   I walk the path
      straight towards the Via Ul Piano where
      we loved throughout the night in thirteen’s spot.
We loved throughout the night in thirteen’s spot,
atop the hill and marbled steps where we
became but one entwined in passion's grasp
that soared beyond the Roman heat and thrived
upon shared passions on a lonely night.
We kissed upon your balcony and gazed
upon the ancient constellations where
we drank Proscecco as our bond was formed.
      Oh Bacchus, fill my glass and straight my mind!
      I’m living in the past on this cold evening...
      My muse, now stirred allows her words to drift
      upon the parchment’s tear-soaked linen threads.
      Her Roman gaze and kiss now fills my heart
      as it once did so many years ago.
As it once did so many years ago,
I feel your touch as I meander through
my life and think upon all that’s transpired.
Oh how we danced in smoke-filled rooms and kissed
in your apartment by the Tiber’s flow.
We flowed and surged throughout our time and loved
as lovers do on sultry Roman nights.
While Springsteen played, you touched my heart with soul
      and tenderness that I had  never felt
      before.  I was awash!  Dear Bacchus, please
      refill my cup as I wander 'twixt
      the corridors of time when I was free
      and she was there for my embrace...and more.
      Oh, how the mem’ries linger in my mind.
Oh, how the mem’ries linger in my mind
as I consume another wine-filled glass.
The music plays as I now pen my thoughts
of how you'd captured me from maze’s lot
in lonely sea of souls while perched on stool.
Life’s green-board yearns for harmony as I
reflect upon our time and reminisce
how we would spend those torrid Roman nights.
       The mem’ries are now filled as I think ‘pon
      the time when I was young and you, my dear,
      were oh so loving and within my heart.
      Another glass of wine and temporal kiss
      to  soothe my lonely heart and soul, for now
      I taste your lips as I remember us.
I taste your lips as I remember us
as night’s stark darkness yields to loneliness.
We danced at Max’s and drove by Broken Bridge
a relic from two thousand years ago.
The angels bowed as I walked past the mark
upon worn marbled, winding steps towards your
abode at thirteen’s door where I once  knocked
and you allowed me entry to your heart.
      Oh, how the nights flew by so very fast,
       and we were faced with morning suns that shone
      so brightly that we could not see beyond
      nights' truth of love o’er coming loneliness. 
      Oh, life's realigites--so sweet, yet sad...
      I toss another page into the fire…

29 January 2017

Poem of the Month contest entry


Poetic Form:
Petrarchan crown of sonnet in blank verse. just is, isn't it?

Thank you for reading my poetry.
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