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A chapter in the book Prosetry


by jusylee72

Through water, I was given life
   Floating in a ruby pond  
       below my mother's heart

Until the dam broke
   and released me in the air

              the first breath
                     followed by a cry

      Mother's milk kept me alive
A drink of water by her side
  no longer floating
    but still imbibing liquid life

                       As a baby, I was baptized 
                  Holy water dropped on my head
                         A choice of my parents
                          Some religious belief
                        Supposedly to save me

                                                                      Not my wish 

                            Water cleansed me

                       The shower cleared the playground off me
                               The messy clots underneath my fingernails
                                       The mud between my toes

               Our family was happy then
                      But life is not static 

 it changes with the tides

The ocean took my father
     gone to sea for long periods of time
returned home

     became a stranger
               longing for his sea legs

Mother hated being alone 
     Sadness overwhelmed her
                 Whenever he would leave
                             She went the wrong way

                             She left us alone at night
                 My two brothers and I
     She thought we didn't know 
Where she went or what she was up to

                       children aren't that naive

Dad came back in April 
     Mom could no longer hide
My baby sister was born the following month

                                            Now anger and hatred 
                                                my               parents

                                                  Severed my life 

I ran down the stream 
 I learned the liquid lessons
   of alcohol and life. 

        Stained water 
            changed my thinking

Fire water let loose my desires
   Made me forget my morals
             I almost drowned in my choices

           I replaced lust for love 

                   only to find true loneliness 
    lost in lucid luxuries 

Alcohol became my friend
 Allowing me my freedom
  Assuaging my pain

I dived into deep despair
    destroying my dreams 

                                           Rivers of tears 
                                        left visible salt paths
                                  staining my face with sadness

I stood by the ocean
                              wondering how far out I would have to be
                   before I was unable to swim back
so that no one could find me

                     forever on the sea

sun began to set
Brilliant oranges
             Reds fading into pinks 
    Cloud reflecting blue 
                    Overpowering beauty
                                 Illuminated the sky

                                       I walked back to earth away from the sand
                                 I  chose change                                
                            I awoke early the next day

                       It smelled like rain
               I walked outside 

          waited for the storm

a gentle

refreshing drops

      riveting off my forehead
            running down my face

                                         I didn't seek shelter
                                               I sought life

I searched my soul
                              for solutions 

                         For self-forgiveness

                                                        I was truly baptized
                                                               on that day 
                                                                 by nature
                                                           and heaven's water

  My choice this time

                       I                               the 

My life bega


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