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Oh! Shit, Let's Try The Double Barrel Flip

Making A Fool Out Of Him

by country ranch writer

Animal Thoughts on Humans Contest Winner 

"Whoever said bulls get all the abuse?" Sure don't know what they are talking about." Yellow Jacket and Terminator were talking back and forth. They were waiting for later in the day when their turn would come to be rode.

" I don't know about you." Jacket said, "My daddy used to say there maybe be a bull that might never be rode, but there's always a cowboy waiting to be throwed."

Snickering, the Terminator paws the dirt turning around. " I say they are dumb as a box of rocks, attitudes that won't quit. No matter how I might try I can't seem to break their spirit. Will say this for them old guys they got grit. Day after day they are back giving it their best shot."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Yellow Jacket agreed.

"Thunderation, what you all doing way out here to yourselves?" Bushwacker wanted to know.
"You all ain't got time to dick around," He says, as Bodacious comes around the corner. Moving out of the way as fast as they can. "Dad- blame it, watch where your stomping those hooves of yourn." Muttering they all turn and head back towards the arena closer to the action.

Terminator, tells Yellow Jacket, "They say Bodacious is the rankest bull there was ever was. I reckon he's is a loco sonofabitch."

"Pshaw, I ain't nary skeard of him." Yellow Jacket says.

"He ain't no trouble"tall," Terminator replied. He seemed all calm and quiet talking over what happened to Bushwacker's owner. They were after all best friends. They all turned and looked at Bushwacker, they said nary a word. Bushwacker had tears running down his eyes and they wouldn't stop flowing. His heart was broken and he would never ever be the same. They could see it in his eyes.

Bushwacker could almost hear them thinking," Why is he still in the lineup? While his owner laid dead in the coroner's office. It wasn't because he wanted to be here that's for damn sure!"

This wasn't the fun filled day they had all hoped to have. They were going to give the cowboys a run for their money. First bucking them off and makings fool's out of them with no score. They were going to fix them up with a couple double barrel flips over the backside. They would let the rookie riders score a point or two just to make it look okay.

They received the bad news as the last of the bucking competition was underway. It was official Cox had taken his own life. The man had hung himself right in front of Bushwacker's stall. Why would he do something like this? More frightening was it was his owner, the man who loved him as much as he loved him in return. His name was Ken Cox, he turned Bushwacker into the greatest bucking bull in history.

All the bulls around the arena wondered why he made Bushwacker watch his death? He and his bull were inseparable. He talked to his bull constantly and he always talked back to him in animals way of talking. Some say Cox didn't want to die alone.

It was time for Bushwacker to enter the arena, he tore the chutes apart and went wild trying to get the rider off his back. He was hurting inside from the pain of losing his best friend and tried to seek revenge on the man on his back. He wanted him off of there at any cost even if he had to hurt him. He slipped and the man went down over his head. Bushwacker shook his head running away hitting his back end on the arena, as he was leaving.
He was so depressed and out of sorts at the sudden death of his owner. He didn't how to act without Cox there to let him know everything was going to be okay. Bellowing loudly, at a loss as what to do next he ran into the corral. They say he was retired out to pasture shortly after that and died six months later from grief. The bulls are still talking about their untimely deaths.

Animal Thoughts on Humans
Contest Winner

Bulls, humor was turned into the saddest day in Rodeo History.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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