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A murder must be stopped.

A chapter in the book Babyface

Babyface Acts VII - VIII

by Thomas Bowling

Scene II

Caleb and Lionel are sitting in the diner. Aleyde is pouring ice tea.

Aleyde: What time did you get in last night?

Caleb: It was pretty late. Me and Dothan were celebrating. We had a breakthrough in the case yesterday. Though today, it doesn't seem like much of a breakthrough. You could come up with a hundred different answers for what we found.

Aleyde: The way you snuck in, I was afraid it might be somethin' else.

Caleb: Sorry, I didn't want to wake you. Did I wake you?

Aleyde looks offended.

Aleyde: Have you forgotten?

Aleyde makes a motion like she is going to pour the tea on Caleb's head.

Caleb: I'm kiddin'. How could I forget you?

Aleyde: You better not, buster. I'll tell Pete to start on your order. Do you want the usual, Lionel?

Lionel: Sure, two scrambled eggs and toast.

Caleb: I don't know how you live on that little bit of food.

Aleyde walks away to put their orders in.

Lionel smiles and flicks his wrist. He makes a cracking noise.

Caleb: Someday, you'll meet a girl that'll make you tow the line and I'll crack the whip for you.

Dothan comes in and sits down. He shares none of Caleb's trepidation about yesterday’s find.

Dothan: I went online and checked out the soles on the boot prints we found yesterday. Took me half the night, but I found them. I think we're close. I told Helen to contact every shoe store within a hundred miles of Shreveport and tell them we need copies of the receipts of every pair of size eleven Timberline work boots they sold for the past three years.

Caleb: I'm guessing that'd be a lot of boots, Sheriff.

Dothan: I don't care. I intend to find this animal.

Caleb: I understand that feelin’, Sheriff. When you catch the trail of a wild animal, you've got to track it down.

Lionel: Damn right, Sheriff.

Aleyde starts bringing the breakfast orders out. The sheriff looks at the tray of food and shakes his head.

Dothan: Glad to see you got your appetite back, Caleb. I'll let you two finish breakfast. I expect a lot of receipts to be comin' in

Scene III

Caleb and Lionel arrive back at the Sheriff's station. Dothan is upset.

Dothan: Can you believe it? Some of these assholes want a court order before they turn their sales receipts over to me. They'll get their court order and I'll tell Sheriff Garrod the next time they get their store broken into, tell them they'll need a court order to ask for an investigation.

Soon, boxes of receipts begin arriving at the station. The entire department is busy sorting through boot receipts. Helen has set up a filing system for the documents, separating them into specific style and location of purchase.

Helen: The receipts are sorted the way you asked. Anything else?

Dothan: Yeah, separate them by gender.

Helen: What?

Dothan: Separate them by the sex of who bought them.

Helen: Why? A lot of women buy shoes for their husbands or boyfriend.

Dothan: I don't see a man that would do this to a little girl having a woman in his life, do you?

Helen: He wouldn't be in my life. I'll separate them.

The night wears on and the group continues their search for clues, not knowing what they are looking for. Caleb leans back and rubs his eyes.

Caleb: My eyes are about to give out and my stomach's startin' to rumble. I gotta go down to the diner and see if Aleyde still remembers me.

Lionel makes the whip cracking sound.

Caleb: There's a window right over there.

Lionel picks up a handful of receipts as if Caleb wouldn't throw him out while he was holding evidence.

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