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A Travel Guide--Potlatch Challenge

Lancaster, California-A Secret Oasis

by michaelcahill


Lancaster, California? But isn't that smack dab in the middle of the Mojave Desert? What in the world could possibly be in the middle of the desert anyone would want to spend a weekend exploring, SAND?
Yep, we Lancastrians have learned to laugh at such notions. To be honest, there is indeed quite a bit of sand here. Think of Lancaster as one of the coolest sandboxes in the world. After all, as with any sandbox, it isn't the sand, it's what's in the sand that makes it cool.
Now, if you'd like to sit in a little bistro in the Napa Valley and sip a little wine, and dab at some bean sprouts and tofu and watch your weight then you probably won't want to experience the decadence of breakfast at Crazy Otto's. I'm talking about a plate of food that causes your heart to develop speech.
"You're not going to eat that, are you? I mean, you can feel me pounding in your chest just looking at."
An omelet with more eggs than you can count covered with a mountain of cheese filled with sausage, bacon and ham in quantities making you wonder if pigs are now on the endangered species list. Each bite grips your heart and the battle for each beat begins as you consume it. Oh, yes, potatoes O'Brian with grilled onions, bell peppers and chilies grilled to perfection and a sprig of parsley to throw on the floor in contempt, a requirement.
"That's right, I'm still beating. I'm no sissy. Let's do lunch here."
Some folks want to see the Eiffel Tower. I suppose it would be quite a site with it being tall and made from metal and all. I guess it has a dandy view as well. I wonder how long one might be able to stand there enjoying the view before they'd had enough?
Now, the gold rush here in California provided some excitement back in the day you can imagine. To be able to dig in the ground and find instant riches is exciting to most folk. You can still do so here in Lancaster. Gold is anywhere and everywhere. People still find it and so can you. I can take you right to mines where people are finding gold AND I can take you to places where you can try your own luck. A few nuggets of pure gold would make a nice souvenir, yes?
I suppose you've heard of our little earthquake problem here. They keep talking about the San Andreas Fault. I guess you imagine it to be some entity buried miles beneath the surface of the Earth hiding in the shadows waiting to wreak havoc. How'd you like to see it? In fact, how'd you like to sit right in the middle of it and sing a song of sixpence? There's something to tell your grandkids or immortalize with a snapshot. "Oh, here's one of me and your mom sitting in the middle of the San Andreas Fault, kids. Say we don't have nerve again."
I'm scratching the surface here. I don't want to give away all our secrets. Here's some hints though. The ice age visited here a while back. I can show you when and where. Judy Garland lived here when she was a little tyke, care to see her house? Frank Zappa?
Chuck Yeager set a few records out this way. You're familiar with the sound barrier, I'm guessing. Lancaster has been at the fore of the aerospace industry from day one. Anything to do with flying and space travel has Lancaster to thank.
Well, I'm off to the poppy fields. Can you imagine a field of poppies stretching so far you can't see anything but them? Quite a sight.



Prose Potlatch ***TOPIC*** 11-27

Today's Topic: Write a travel guide to your hometown enticing toursits
to visit for a weekend. No fair shooting up the freeway to a cooler or larger
city. Find things in YOUR city or town of note to enjoy.

Be creative. Point out that restaurant that all the townsfolk love no one's ever heard of, the best kept secret in the universe. What's cool about your town that would surprise someone to know and be worth visiting?

You may use your current hometown or one you've lived in before. If you happen to live in a large town, find something other than the obvious. If you live in New York, leave the Empire State Building to the chumps. This is YOUR special inside tour. :))

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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