Horror and Thriller Non-Fiction posted November 27, 2016

This work has reached the exceptional level
My anxiety level was at it's peak

Running Out Of Patience And Gas

by Abby Wilson-hand

A couple of weeks ago, in the bitter cold my gas gage read full. I thought my husband had filled my car. I was wrong, my gas gage was not working. I was twenty miles from home, my car had quit on the side of the road. Surrounding me with woods, two houses and fields. It was so cold out and I didn't know what to do. I walked to both of the houses, nobody home. I had walked back to my car and was sitting in it so cold, feet were freezing from the walk in the snow. As I sat there in my car angry as all get out. My husband the mechanic, was not answering his phone. My cell phone died from me trying to call home so many times.

I didn't know what to do I'm the kind of person that has anxiety and a paranoia disorder. Sitting in this cold car upset me, I was so angry I had gotten out of my car and waved down the next car to go by. A family of three were in the car and I told them "I had run out of gas". They had told me to go get in their car they would take me for gas. As I hopped in their car my paranoia was getting the best of me my anxiety was through the roof. They had pulled into a field and were driving through it. Oh so scared for my life, they had a camp way back there. I thought of so many bad things happening to me. They had gotten out of the car where they had a little shed. They had come out of the garage with a five gallons of gas. As they came towards the car I was still a bit nervous. They put the gas can in their trunk, got back in the car for the drive back to my car.

As we approached the car I had gotten out of theirs thinking all was finally good It wasn't my car still would not start. They said why don't you hop in our car and we will take you home. So I got in their car and hitched a ride home. Anxiety was about to kill me but I made it through it and got home safely. All they wanted me to do was to pay it forward.

Hitch A Ride Home writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story where your main character must hitch a ride home.

It's strange the feelings that come over you while your car is broke down
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