General Fiction posted November 7, 2016

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Thoughts of our presidential candidates

A Clear Choice

by Tpa

Will the results of this election be scary as a Halloween night? I asked
this question as I sauntered towards a bus depot. Ghosts and goblins, of course, can easily be eliminated by calling the Ghostbusters, but Hillary and Trump could bestow a curse that can last for four years, perhaps even more. Of course, if Hillary triumphs, her term may be shortened by impeachment.

In my ten presidential elections, I have never seen candidates show unprofessional behavior as our present nominees. They fought more than the couple in Albee's Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolff. They made a mockery out of the debates, turning it into more of a reality show than a platform that would describe to the American people the candidate's principles and ideas that would improve our economy, secure our borders and enhance our relationship with other countries.

Instead, Donald Trump spent most of his campaign bullying others, mocking the disabled, and conveying crude remarks about a woman's anatomy. He insulted a judge, ridiculed a beauty contestant winner of her weight. Could Trump start World War Three if he affronts Mao Zedong and his hairstyle?

Of course, Hillary Clinton isn't exactly Mother Theresa. She lied to the American people about Benghazi. United States Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans died in that terror attack. Mrs. Clinton's remarked in one of her comments to the investigative committee, "What difference does it make?" It makes a lot of difference to the victim's families. Her prevarications continued about her emails and the Clinton Foundation. If her nose grew every time she lied like Pinocchio, her nose would be longer than the Indiana Turnpike.

There are rather good qualities in all of us, even our candidates. Hillary wants equal pay for men and women. Donald wants to build a wall for safeguarding our land. Both commission the requisite to return companies from foreign lands to the United States, establishing jobs for men and women, increasing the growth of our economy.

Their ideas and programs show a surge in the welfare of our country. Hillary wants a free college education for everyone. Who'll pay for it? Trump wants to erase Affordable Care. What will happen to those people that once were denied health insurance, but through Affordable Care now have? Their plans may articulate a stronger America, a vision to have our country grow again, or is it just a scheme for obtaining their own power and prestige?

Promises, Promises, a song written in the late sixties by Burt Bacharach and sung by Dionne Warwick, offers the line, "Promises, promises, you'd knew you never keep." A line that corresponds not only to couples but to politicians as well including our presidential candidates. Will their undertakings release the tension this country formulated more in the last few years than ever before, not counting the Civil War? Could they repair the damage of respect between minorities and law enforcement? I doubt these questions could be answered, or many others for that matter. The importance of this election is our children's and grandchildren's future. Do the candidates have the abilities and talents to guide this country into a growing harmony, give us a land that we could prosper, share the rights, and freedom our forefathers intended us to have?

Or, will this election be more of a trick rather than a treat? Indeed, it is trite scary for me to envision a bully in the White House, or fear the other contender may email classified information to all her Facebook friends.

Therefore, I made a clear choice, which is to step on the bus designated towards Quebec.

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