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An alpha doe caring for her family

For The Love Of Family

by prettybluebirds

The Autumn Feast Contest Winner 

The storm clouds parted, leaving a peephole for the harvest moon to spill silver light down upon the wooded hills and open meadow. All around the old deer a great net of diamonds sparkled to life as every raindrop that trembled on the autumn leaves gleamed and glittered. She glanced back over her shoulder, more sensing than seeing her companions waiting behind her. They were like ghosts in the wet, earth-scented forest. The fog swirled around them, and an occasional eye reflected the moonlight with an eerie glow. They waited patiently for their trusted mentor to determine if it was safe to cross the open meadow and the road beyond.

She took a tentative step into the open; ears twitching and nostrils quivering as she searched for the slightest sound or scent of danger. There was nothing, only the hoot of a hunting owl and the mournful cries of coyotes in the far distance. She gave a soft snort and led the herd into the open; spring fawns leaped and cavorted, chasing each other in circles. The deer had complete trust in the wisdom of the old one who led them.

She stamped her foot to bring the silly little ones in line. The young ones didn't know the dangers of a deer's life; particularly humans. They must learn to be like wraiths in the night and not alert the farmer's dogs. She led them through the open field and to the other side of the road at a bounding gallop. The sooner they could fade from sight the better.

The clouds were gone when the old doe reached their goal. The cornfield stood before them in shrouded, golden silence. The wind tossed bits of milkweed fluff near the ground and whispered in the dry corn stalks. The full harvest moon illuminated the landscape, clearly exposing the thousands of tracks from their previous visits. The herd disappeared into the eight-foot high corn; the old female sighed with relief. Now her family would feast on the ripe ears of golden corn and grow fat for the coming winter. She didn't know how many more years she would be around to lead the herd and teach the little ones the ways of deer since the beginning of time. For now, she was content.

The Autumn Feast
Contest Winner


Every autumn the deer feed on the local corn fields. ther are so many tracks it looks like a barnyard sometimes in the fields.
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Artwork by Diannatilley at

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