General Fiction posted November 2, 2016

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Plants and animals create a feast.


by aryr

The corn stalks swayed in the brisk breeze. Their tassels were reaching in the sky, upward to the sun. The kernels were ripe for pickling, plump and yellow.

A few rows down, firm potatoes were pushing their rounded butts covered in taunt skin through to dark fertile earth. Their eyes were supposed to be in their heads and that was not part of their bodies breaking the earth.

Their immediate neighbors, the sweet potatoes which are also called by some-yams were sprouting their orange hued beauty.

"Listen up friends," I gobbled. "Listen up. It is just a few days away from our autumn feast. We are all making the greatest of great sacrifices to make this a spectacular event."

I strutted back and forth, occasionally scratching the dirt for scattered morsels. I preened my feathers and spread my wings. I wished I could fly as free and as high as my friends, the eagles could do.

"Now we all know that those silly Pilgrims will write stories and tales about how the Natives helped prepare the feast. History will indeed show such tales. But we know who the heroes really are." I nodded to each type of plant life.

The corn, the two kinds of potatoes, the carrots all gave their own distinctive whispers in the breeze. The mighty pumpkins rolled slightly, exposing themselves to the sun. The slithering vines which produced green beans created soft giggles with their actions.

"United, we are the crops, the fowls, the fishes and the animals that will present the feast of feast. It will be the most memorable event of the autumn. We will provide a bountiful gathering. I suggested that this shall then become an annual gathering and it shall be called Thanksgiving. All in favor say Aye and those opposed say Nay."

The response rumbled through the gathering place. It was all positive with the echo of 'aye' filling the air. Nary a 'nay' was muttered or even whispered. I noticed that a few deer had joined our group, some fawns and does and a couple of bucks or stags as some thought of them. They too, nodded their heads.

"I think we have agreed during previous conversations, that only the mature and the older shall provide the sacrifice. The young shall grow until it is their time. These people, these humans have experienced our benefits daily for some time now. We shall continue to give, to provide."

The days passed so quickly. The Natives reached out to the Pilgrims to prevent starvation. The plants and animals sacrificed their existence for the benefit of mankind and for their own fame and honor. I made sure even my presence was noted and appreciated for this meal. I the turkey became a star. We all were the stars, we were all the creation of the very first autumn feast of Thanksgiving.
We were remembered.

The Autumn Feast contest entry

Thank you to Sorin Fota for the artwork 'Not for me! Not now!.
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