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To girls meet in a bar.

One Night in a Bar

by Thomas Bowling

"Bring me another gin and tonic."

Sally had already had four and was more than just a little woozy.

"What's your name?" she asked the only other person there.

"Cait, with a C."

"Cait with a C, that's a nice name, not too threatening."

"Tell that to my ex. My ex thinks I'm a holy terror."

"You don't look so bad to me. I did three years in the pen. Believe me, I've seen worse."

"Wha'd you do?"

"Stabbed an old boyfriend. I came home and caught him on top of my roommate. It seems Ohio frowns on stabbing boyfriends. What's a girl like you doing in this place?"

"Just looking for some action."

"Sally waved around the empty room. You picked the wrong night. You should have been here yesterday."

"Was the place busy then?"

"No, but at least it would be over by now. Say, do you want to go back to my place?"

"Sure, but you drive. I don't have a license."

"Well, that leaves us up shit's creek. I don't have a car. How'd you lose your license?"

"Accident. It wasn't my fault, but I took the blame. I was railroaded. The judge wouldn't even listen to my side of the story."

"Let's get a cab. My place isn't far. We can split the fare."

Sally and Cait with a C staggered out of the bar, leaning on each other for support. When they got to Sally's place, Cait with a C made herself comfortable while Sally poured drinks."

"I hope you like gin, it's all I have."

"I've been known to drink turpentine when everything else was gone."

"This isn't that bad, but pretty close, Gorton's."

"They keep that below bottom shelf don't they."

"You gotta be in a dive to even get it."

Sally sat on the couch, close to Cait with a C.

"Have you ever been with a girl before?"

"Sure, who hasn't. My ex would puke before kissing a guy, but the thought of girl on girl was a real turn on."

"All guys are like that."

Sally leaned over and kissed her new friend.

"Say, your pretty good. I can tell this isn't your first rodeo."

As the girls continued kissing Sally worked her hand up Cait's skirt.

"Hey, what have we got here? Wha'd you say your name is?"

"Cait, but you probably know me as Bruce."

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