Romance Fiction posted October 22, 2016

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She Paid Dearly


by country ranch writer

"Dearest, would this be of interest to you?" Jay asked as he was getting dressed for work.

As he handed the paper from work to her. He put his uniform on and poured himself a cup of coffee in a cup to go.

Jenny hates to get up early mornings. She is a total Bitch without her morning coffee. "I will look at it later?" she said. If I don't forget.

"You know all well and good I don't do mornings. Why and the hell you keep waking me up every morning is beyond ,"she whined.

Kissing her on the cheek she never said a word as he walked out and left. Jay got in his truck and driving away. Thinking to himself as he drove away,"it is her loss she never wants to do anything. She loved me once but her friends count more than I do. She is such a Bitch!"

After having her two cups of coffee she made plans for the day. She felt a bit guilty for being she a bitch this morning. After all, he was being nice. Now, what did he say about some paper? Oh!Yeah, she picked up the paper and she got all excited. There was a trip to the moon she read she had been hoping for it to happen for years. She had told Jay it would be a good adventure and he had agreed back then.

She never took the time though to read the rest of the paper she tossed it into the corner. Got dressed and went off with her friends for the day. Her friend happened to mention her husband saying the trip was this morning at eight o'clock and it was now four o'clock in the afternoon.

Was that why Jay woke her up early this morning? "He was wanting to surprise her with a trip today?"

"What the hell," Jenny said. "Did you just say it was today?

Her friend said, "Yes, didn't you read it?"

"No, I was in a hurry to meet you, girls," Jenny replied defensively. "Damn, it's my own damn fault!" She said, feeling all guilty. It was a trip of a lifetime and I wanted so to go with stuffy old Jay."

She picked up her cell phone and called the office asking for Jay Cloud. The man at the desk said, "I"m sorry he not here, can I take a message?"

"What do you mean? she says, "He should be there answering the phones." getting aggravated.

He is on the way to the Mars ma'am he received a promotion last week to head up the visit to Mars.

" I didn't know this," Jenny told the man.

"Yes, he is already gone," the man on the other end of the line said.

" Jay is such a dedicated man to his job and if this trip goes well he will get another promotion to go to the moon. It has been his lifelong dream." The man on the phone declared.

She asked, "By chance did my husband leave a note for me?"

"I don't know ma'am he left on the trip with his wife this morning. "

His wife? She was beside herself in tears for all the hell she had put Jay through. He had taken another woman to warm his bed. All those night jobs he said he was doing. She never knew till now.

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Writing Prompt
Write a story that starts with the sentence: "Dearest, would this be of interest to you?"
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