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'Anguish' (Trilogy Pt3 final)

by RGstar

Anguish ...

Her voice shall be heard
amongst screams and thud
of bellowing guns,
as incessant greed
and doomed prosperity
feed your wretched thirst
for immortality...
Damn your castles; gold,
built on sand
and forsaken dreams
of those who dared.

And when broken flowers
can no longer stand,
and wingless birds
lie still and burnt,
as fruit, long parched,
weep dried tears
of your discontent,
then, you...
soon to fall, aged with wrath,
shall ask yourself;

''Was this a deed well done?''

Lands...once rich,
green and bountiful,
now ravished, ruined, raped
and torn.
The spoils of then,
your treasures of now.
And as defiant sheep mourn their young,
along with cries of womankind,
flocks of crows,
with polished shoes,
stay ready
for their next feed.
Hands now frail...once shook with rage;
calloused and bare
...again shall ask yourself:

''Was this a deed well done?''

And her tears, in answer,
shall soothe the land,
where milk,
thus spilled,
from the breast of 'her'
shall seep and fecundate all
...for it is not you who shall judge,
but she who bore
the judgement of your illusions.
Hence, the lamb shall have new birth,
as men, again, walk in the steps of a new Adam,
and women swim in new rivers of Eve.
Where glad bloom shall
sprout from shrapnel and dust,
for nothing lives or dies in vain.
And she, again, will be called, 'Earth;'
Mother of all mothers.

Then, only then,
shall she ask her children, rise...
they who once murmured
in tones of disillusionment,
long drowning in furrows of descent,
wading in ashes of your torment,
again shall sing...whilst others soar,
and some, too, graze pastured lands of hope.

And when all is as should,
and dusk finds day,
'She,' too, shall ask:

''Was this a deed well done?''

And we shall reply:


This was a deed well done.''


Poem of the Month contest entry


Fecundate= Fertilize

The instrument heard in the opening of this composition is a twenty five thousand year old, Armenian instrument called, the 'Duduk.'
I thought it fitting for this write.

This is the final part of the trilogy, written in stance against all tyranny and tyrants of the world, in whatever form. Our mothers are still crying and babies dying as they who would, past and present, kill, eradicate and maim in their quest for immortality, or to be remembered as such. And as all things should be born free, love is all... And though they may trample and tear, 'She' will again rise, and with her...her children, for she is the Mother of all mothers and can never be conquered. She is 'Earth.'

Love has no colour, whether human, animal or other. We are all part of nature, and equal worth, so let us love a little today for tomorrow may be too late. To age is a virtue, yet, some, as those I speak, will age differently, if at all.
My best wishes.

Danish-born, August Friedrich Albrecht Schenck.
Studied at the famous Ã??????cole des Beaux-Arts. Most of his career was spent in Paris, specialising in the painting of landscapes and animal subjects, which were often seen as a metaphor for human relationships and society.

A brave ewe stands defiantly over the limp body of her lamb. Blood from the lamb's mouth trickles on to the snow. The pair is encircled by a mass of menacing black crows. The situation appears hopeless, despite the bravery of the ewe.

'' In 1906... the painting was voted among the five most popular in the Melbourne collection. Today it is displayed among other 19th century narrative paintings in the NGV where it continues to inspire visitors'' as my hope to also inspire those who read.

Music; The incredible, Yanni, Greek/American composer. A few mixed as well as added data to create the environment for this write.
Thank you for listening and reading.
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