Horror and Thriller Fiction posted October 7, 2016

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The last man on earth or is he?


by sandy montgomery

The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door. His head shot up...maybe he had imagined it. It was early November but there had already been snow that year. Jeanie would have loved that. He laughed aloud at that thought. The sound was garish in the silence. He covered his mouth self-consciously.

Again the knock came, louder, more insistent this time. To Carl it seemed like the toll of his own doom. Whatever was on the other side of that door could not be human...or could it? Carl didn't know. He thought he was the last.

It had started with rumors of a new flu. So he and his wife had got their flu shots. How quickly it had spread. Deaths everywhere, in every nation. Sick people herded into camps to protect the well. Everyone on the block was sick or had died except him...and Judy. Even their vivacious daughter Jeanie. After she passed Judy lost the will to live. He lost her in late July. He still saw her blood staining the grass as it leaked from her nose and eyes. Why didn't he die of this cursed plague too?

He had watched everyone around him die...those he loved...those he hated. After Judy died he had searched for others. He found no one. No television or radio for months.

Again the knock sounded. Could it be the grim reaper finally coming for him? The last year had been hell. He had been alone for months, hadn't heard a single human voice since Judy. He began to cry.
Suddenly there was a bright light.

"Carl....Carl... Come on buddy," someone shouted.

It took everything he had to open his eyes. There in front of him stood a man in white with a bright light.

"Carl? Can you tell me who the president is? Do you know the day and year?" Dr. Prim asked.

"What?" Carl asked, confused. His voice cracked like old unused leather. How had their family physician survived the plague?

"Welcome back son, take it easy you've been in a coma." Dr. Prim explained.

He turned and spoke to someone behind him. Carl couldn't hear the words.

"You had a car accident four months ago Carl. Do you remember that? You've been in a coma since July." Dr. Prim said.

Before Carl could answer he saw the face of his bride Judy. She stood just behind the doctor, tears running down her face. He looked down and saw that she was very pregnant.

"Hey babe," she said smiling thru her tears. She noticed Carl looking at her distended belly. "Its a girl just like you wanted." she laughed and took his hand.

"Jeanie?" Carl croaked out.

"Yes babe. We will name her Jeanie, after your momma." Judy replied.

The doctor stepped back up to the bed. "We will run some more tests but I think you are going to be fine son."

Later Carl told Judy all about his dream. She tried to comfort him but it seemed so real. He couldn't forget it even after weeks of physical therapy. It haunted him as Judy handed him their beautiful new daughter. Every time a new type of flu was reported it set his heart racing.

Finally after two years Carl began to relax. Jeanie was growing like a weed. Judy and he had began talking about having another baby.

Carl was musing over whether he wanted a boy or a girl. The news was on when suddenly the word epidemic emanated from the television. He heard a siren and ran outside just in time to see his neighbor Gus being wheeled out on a stretcher. Blood leaked from Gus's nose and eyes.

"Noooooooo!" screamed Carl.

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Oh it was just a dream.....
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