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Angelic and Devilish Competition

by Rasmine

Lucifer walked out onto the stage. He smiled smugly. 'These silly peasants on Earth,' he thought, 'don't they know who I am and what this product will do? They will be mine!'
The announcer looked over at Lucifer. "And now ladies and gentlemen, we have Satano Smith promoting his cleaning products."

Lucifer walked over to the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, I present my wonderful, one and only, cleaning products that will clean your floors, walls, toilet, and everything."

'But will dirty your soul,' he thought to himself. This is one of the best ideas he ever came up with. He will sell these products dirt cheap and rack up the souls.
God looked down and sighed. His son was at it again. Trying to trick people and gain more souls in hell. He shook his head--will he ever learn? I will always win--I created him! He raised a finger and pointed, changing the course of events to include a competitor.

God sighed again as he traveled to Earth and to his human form.
"And now Ladies and Gentlemen, I present a competitor to liven things up. We have Satano's Cleaning Products, now let's have God's Goodness Products and then let the sales begin!"

God walked on stage. He knew Lucifer knew who he was as he took the microphone. "Ladies and Gentlemen, my cleaning products will clean more than your house, but will clean and purify your soul." He looked over the crowd, loving all his children, even his competitor on this infomercial. "My competitor is selling his products at an amazing low price--but mine, ladies and gentlemen, mine is a deal you cannot say no to, all of my products are free!"

Lucifer sat down and lowered his head. God wins again! Then he got up and started to sing a jingle he made up on the spot:

Lucifer's jingle:

I'm the devil when it comes to dirt
Wipe your pure hands all over my shirt.
Use my products and do your best to sin,
Come to hell and know that God didn't win!
God's Jingle:

Wait! Don't use the devil supplies
Come to me, don't compromise;
I'll give you halos and saints galore,
And a bronze key to my heavenly door.

Lucifer's answering jingle (now to God not the people)

God, my father, you know you will never win
When it comes to attaining souls of sin
Humans love evil, gluttony and sloth
They love lust and pride not a clergy cloth

God's answering jingle:

Oh Lucifer, my son, who always did try
To take over heaven and make me cry
These products you sell will taint their mind
You cannot win, they are all my kind.


My father, this contest will go on and on
Just go home and let me go on with this con
You have more souls, let me add to mine,
I will not interfere with your Christian kind.


Lucifer, away with you go back to hell
Of your dark plans, please I will not tell
Do not try this again, this is my land
I have created you and Earth with my hand

Satan tried to say another stanza, but God raised his mighty fist and Satan disappeared into the Earth. Now we know who will sell their product and gain hearts and souls.

Two Commercials contest writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write two commercials/ The Devil has an invention he wants to sell... God has invented a new product. Write an advertisement or Commercial of at least fifty words for each. If you want to make it a "jingle" or infomercial that is fine.One Heavenly product and one Satanic . Have fun!

Enjoy, it was fun to write. Don't know if I got it in or not.
Thank you to the artist!! Great picture!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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