Satire Fiction posted October 2, 2016

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Potlatch Challenge-Letter to the Editor

Leveraged Buyouts & The Bartering

by michaelcahill

The Editor of the Laramie Press
I run the mill down by Kelsey's pond. He gives me rights to divert a bit of the Laramie river that runs through his land for power, and I supply him with lumber for his various needs on his property. Lots a what we do here is on a needs basis. We exchange what we got for what we need, and it all works out somehow. I guess I'm a rich man in these parts, what with ownin' the mill, and the importance of what the mill produces for the settlers here. But I don't have much, if they was to all settle elsewhere. I keep that in mind.

That's something I have on the back burner at the moment, as I've awakened in this strange dream ... at least I think it's a dream, it has to be.

Ya testin' me again, Lord?

This is a strange world to say the least. Carriages rollin' down the road pulled by invisible horses growlin' like animals I never heard before. Forts built for armies reaching to the sky. More people than a world would ever need, just tripping all over each other.

None of them make sense, or do anything worthwhile either.

I talked to one gentleman who told me he buys companies and breaks them up to make money. He tells me, they're worth more broken then they are fixed, at least that's what I got out of it. "It takes money, to make money." That's what he told me. I just thought to myself, if you have it, you have it ... what's the worry?

I finally met a farmer who'd come to town. I thought I'd find some sense there. But he told me he makes money not growin' things. The more he doesn't grow, the more he makes. He just left me laughin' on the corner. The kicker is, he thinks I'm the one missin' sense in my noggin'.

Well, I'm writtin' in to see if anyone is in this dream might have a notion of how to wake up from this. I can see there's nowhere to go but down here. I'd like to wake up in reality if someone can give me a hand.
Caleb Brookstone
Brookstone Mill


Continuing with our theme of letters to the editor of other similar venues:

You are someone from the past, famous or not famous, writing on an issue of current interest. You approach the issue with the mindset of YOUR times.


1. Anyone from the nineteenth century commenting on equal pay for women.

2. St. Francis calling for a return to spiritual values.

3. General Patton offering advice to wipe out ISIS

4. A Virginia slave addressing race relations in the new millennium.

5. Horatio Hornblower undressing gays in the military.

As always, if you have your own burning idea of what to write about this week, please do!

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