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A couple visit an old castle

Visitors welcome

by oliver818

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The fire hissed softly as it licked the fresh pine. Small tails of smoke rose up from the hearth, disappearing up the chimney. His face felt warm in the glow of the dancing flames.

His nose twitched, his gums retreated and his teeth gleamed in the fire light.

"Man." It was a statement. His stomach growled.

He sniffed the air again, searching for more details.

"A man and a woman."

His nose twitched one final time.

"Rich, American. Had bacon and eggs for breakfast."

"Stop showing off, Gregov. We all know you have super smell, and for the hundredth time, we are not impressed."

Gregov looked over at his open computer screen. The twelve faces of the Will Eternally Restrain Every Wild Or Lycanthropic Frenzy Foundation, WEREWOLFF, stared at him.

"I have to go everyone, sorry, I have visitors. Talk to you all on skype again next month."

"Okay, Gregov. Good luck. And remember, be a good boy."

"Yeah, yeah, I know."

The Skype interface disappeared and the computer screen slapped shut. His thick, hairy feet padded over the stone floor.

"Why do guests always have to come when I'm having my WEREWOLFF time?" he said aloud.

A loud knock rang through the house.

"I'm coming."

The large safety lock slipped back, and the door creaked open. Two amiable, pink faces stared at him with wide smiles.

"Hi there. We're the Dops. I'm Joe."

"And I'm Martha."

"Gregov Ware."

"Oh, you do speak English. Marvellous. We weren't sure if you would in this lonely, old corner of Germany. Just one thing, it's 'Where is Gregov?' not Gregov Where. You need a verb. And we don't know where he is, I'm afraid."

"My English is fine, Mr. Dop. Gregov Ware is my name."

"Oh, I see. How embarrassing."

"Please excuse my husband, Mr. Ware, he's an English teacher, you see."

"What can I do for you?"

"Well, Mr. Ware, Gregov, may I call you Gregov? You see, Gregov, my wife and I have a very special offer to make to you."


"Yes. Could we possibly come in? It's a little frosty out here."

"I guess so. I have a fire burning in the lounge, and I can offer you some Port or Brandy to warm yourselves."

The door slammed shut behind the two visitors, and Gregov followed them down the corridor. Their eyes shone as they took in the marvels of the old castle. Lengthy swords, sharpened spears and giant portraits of ancient personages hung on the wall.

"Well this is just marvellous, Mr. Ware. Just marvellous. It looks like it's gone unchanged for centuries."

"It has."

A large, hairy hand pointed them in the direction of the couch. His own shaggy body landed heavily in an armchair.

"Can I just say, that's a marvellous werewolf costume you're wearing. So realistic. I love the fur, the claws. May I stroke it?"

"Martha, that's hardly appropriate."

"It's fine, go ahead Martha."

"Oh, it's so soft."

Her hand gently stroked the long, thick fur on his neck. His leg shook gently, his eyes closed and his was on the point of releasing a moan of pleasure when he remembered the first rule of WEREWOLFF- avoid stimulation of any kind during transformation nights.

"Oh, the drinks, where are my manners?"

He leapt up, his legs taking long strides across the room to the bottle cupboard.

"Brandy okay for everyone?"

"Fine thanks, Mr. Ware."

"There you go."

"Thank you so much. Now, Gregov, about our offer. Well, we heard about your castle from a friend who visited this region a
few months ago. He knew we were looking for a place just like this, and he suggested we come and have a look."

"And I have to say, Gregov, it surpasses everything we ever imagined."

"I'm glad to hear that."

"To be perfectly honest with you, Gregov, we would like to buy the place."

Gregov long, sharp claws scratched his hairy chin.

"You want to buy this old place?"

"Yes. It's wonderful. Full of character, just what we are looking for. We would like it all, the decorations, everything."

"I've lived here for so long, I've never thought of selling it before."

"We would give you a good price, Gregov."

"What do you mean by a good price?"

"How does twenty million American sound to you?"

Gregov's eyes opened wide. I got it for free after eating the previous owners, so that's a very good return on investment, he thought to himself.

"I thought you said you were an English teacher, Mr. Dop. How can you possibly afford to offer me so much?"

"Um, well, we won the lottery recently. We're drowning in cash."

"Okay, I see. Well, let me think about it and tell you in the morning. You can stay here tonight, if you want."

"Oh, that's very generous of you, Gregov."

"I'll show you to your room."

"Thank you."

The corridor lead to an ancient staircase. Gregov turned his big head to make sure they were following him.

"It's this one here. There are sheets in the cupboard. I'm afraid you'll have to make the bed yourself. My butler died ten years ago and I haven't managed to find a new one. If you need me, I'll be downstairs."

"Thanks so much, Gregov."

Gregov's feet banged down the stone staircase. Images of a twentieth floor apartment overlooking the city flashed before his eyes.

"With that much money, I could afford anything I want," he said aloud. "I'd be able to buy a condo in a big city. I'd be able to escape this drafty, old place. I could even go to the WEREWOLFF meetings in person, and I'd be able to fund secret research to stop werewolves from changing every full moon. I'll be the toast of WEREWOLFF."

After finishing his brandy, his eyes grew heavy and finally closed.

Minutes later, his eyes burst open, his senses screaming a warning. His head spun round and he saw Mr. Dop, sword raised high over his head, coming straight for him. Mrs. Dop was creaping in behind him.

"So much for the condo in the city," said Gregov.

His large claws slashed, exposing bone and spraying blood.

"I'm sorry, Gregov, my wife really wanted this place. I was just trying to please her."

"You didn't win the lottery did you? Well, now you have made me break my WEREWOLFF vow not to engage in violent frenzies. That makes me angry."

As the moon shone down gently outside, Gregov satisfied his long-burning hunger. Bones crunched, blood flowed. He'd have to tell the other members about this during the next meeting, it was one of the rules of WEREWOLFF. A sound self-criticism would be needed of course. But he could live with that.

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There is a castle that's crumbling with age. In it lives man, all alone. The man is a werewolf. Someone comes. What happens?
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