Family Non-Fiction posted September 15, 2016

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Fun day today!

Greyson goes to Chuck E Cheese!

by Teri7

It was so funny, not ha ha funny, but strange. Last night I was wishing that by some miracle from God that my son, Jonathon, would be able to take off early so we could go eat at Chuck E. Cheese. I know some will think this is strange or coincidence, but I do know better. It has taken me some time to get my head on straight, but I do know that there is no such thing as coincidence and that God is in control of everything in our life.

Tom and I get to Greyson's this morning and everything went about like it usually does. Greyson was in the mode that he wanted to hang around with Mammaw, which is me! I enjoyed it a lot.

Jonathon called a little before 11:00 and I made mention of the time we went to Chuck E. Cheese and he was all for that!

All we had to do was to make sure Greyson was dressed appropriately to go out in public. Believe it or not, Greyson was excited to be going to eat with his daddy at Chuck E. Cheese and of course I was too.

When Jonathon got home he was happy to see Greyson all dressed and ready to go eat. They left in the Hummer with me and Tom following close behind. Keep in mind that Greyson is at the point of not wanting strange people around him or touching him.

We sit down at a table with Tom and Jonathon bringing pizza to us. We sat and ate enjoying talking and watching Greyson see all the people there.

He tried to say words and make sentences with them. He is trying really hard!

It was time for Greyson to go play games with his dad. Tom and I followed with helping hold on to the tickets each time he won something.

All of a sudden Chuck E. Cheese wandered over near Greyson and touched him on the shoulder. Greyson was just fine until he turned around and saw the big mouse! His big brown eyes got even bigger! He ran over to mammaw and pappap. He was not a happy camper.

My son finished up with letting Greyson pick out his prize and we all ended up going to our own homes. It was a good day all in all!

A great time of fellowship and happiness!

Written by: Teresa A. Shortess


Just wanted to share our day with Greyson today! May you all be blessed! Teri
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