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Brought Up Apart

by toz666

Separated at birth,
Mother dead,
Grandparents too old,
Father fled.

Up for adoption,
However, apart.
Tom became a Johnson,
Tim became a Hart.

The Johnsons lived in Chelsea,
The Harts in Camden Town,
The Johnsons lived in luxury,
The Harts much lower down.

Tom was raised,
With nanny and tutor,
Then Eton and Oxford,
Then debutantes' suitor.

Tim grew up
All by himself,
Truanted school,
Risked his health.

Tom had everything,
Indulged any whim,
Wealth, contacts, looks,
What a life awaited him.

Tim had just his looks,
Parents,battered by life,
Home blighted by alcohol,
Constant domestic strife.

Tom followed dad to the City,
Married aristocracy,
Became a Tory M.P.,
Minister in the Treasury.

Tim followed dad in drinking,
Had a child, left the mother,
Saw no point in working,
Drifted one pub to another.

Twelve years later, in the Times,
Two reports lay, side by side,
One the new Prime Minister,
The other a victim of suicide.

They told of 40 year old twins,
One a tale of great achievement
The other a sad story
Of tragic bereavement

As Tim Hart left his limousine
And entered number 10,
A funeral was being prepared,
Tom Johnson's requiem

If you wish to know
How this came to be
All will be revealed
In episodes two and three

On their 30th birthdays
In 1999
Their paths crossed
For the very first time

Tom was partying
With his City pals
The champagne flowed
At Saucy Sal's

A grand old house
Hid a palace of sin
Strictly for the rich
With girls thrown in

Tom had had enough
Wine, women and song
He grabbed his coat
And bid so long

As he closed the door
On a night of fun
He came face to face
With a pointed gun

Looking at the gunman
His shock intensified
When he saw his own face
Staring back into his eyes

Tim too was paralysed
Robbery was his plan
But how could he go ahead
And rob this very man

Who on earth could he be
The likeness was unique
Suddenly both were craving
To know their history

Tom spoke first
Tim lowered his gun
Both made their way
To a nearby pub

They talked and talked
Till they had to go
They found out much
But needed more

Both men agreed
To meet again
But first their parernts
Had much to explain

When both men met
In two weeks time
One told the truth
And the other one lied

Tim told a story
Of twins ripped apart
Tom told his tale
One child from the start

As both listened
To what each other said
Tim became convinced
That Tom made greater sense

Tim just did not trust
His father or his mother
They had told too many lies
Tom was not his brother

Tom was so convincing
As he spoke his parents' words
Tim's tale was so unlikely
Fit only for the birds

Unhappy and disheartened
Tim stood up to depart
Tom gave a sudden signal
Three shots then hit Tim Hart

Now the time has come
To finish our tale
Episode three
Will try to explain

Tom left quickly
Chauffer driven away
Tim lay hurt and wounded
But refusing to give way

By the time Tom arrived
At his parent's country lair
Tim was fighting for his life
In intensive care

Tom informed his parents
The sordid deed was done
Tim had killed his brother
He was now the only one

The Johnsons slept easy
In their beds that night
But the morning news
Brought a dreadful fright

Tim had lived on
To tell the tale
A knock on the door
Tom made a quick escape

Tom was helped
By a network of friends
He went into hiding
But was caught in the end

Six years in jail
Was a very long time
Tom was bullied and beaten
It damaged his mind

Whilst Tom lay imprisoned
His parents came to see
Tim Hart held the answer
Tim it would have to be

So Tim was brought into
The Johnson inner circle
He learnt so very quickly
Jumped every ditch and hurdle

Tom was left forgotten
His usefulness had gone
He started getting into drugs
Tim became the golden one

By the time that Tom left prison
Tim had taken his place
The Johnson connections
Had done their trick again

But this time Hubert Johnson
Knew he had a winner
Tom was even weaker now
Tim could eat him for his dinner

So it was Tom Johnson
Drifted into obscurity
Drugs were all he craved
Whatever strength or purity

Meanwhile Tim Hart
Raced up the political ladder
His intellect, oratory and luck
Took him to the very nadir

And so it was two twins
Swapped their previous roles
Tom felt hurt and suicidal
Tim elated and bold

0n the day of Tom's death
Tim accepted a request
To form a new government
Whilst Tom was laid to rest

That very same day
Horace's work was done
Twelve million pounds were his
Legitimately won

The price of a wager
With the runaway father
Who had hid his identity
The wealthy Lord McArthur

To give to his twins
What he himself could not
He enticed the adopters
With a large honey pot

The bet was on a sliding scale
Based on what job they gained
And the payout was best of all
For the Prime Minister of the U K

The Harts had no ambition
So they never played the game
The Johnsons were insatiable
They played every step of the way

The plan to kill Tim was Tom's
To ensure he could not share
Even the smallest sum
With the greediest of the pair

The Johnsons scooped the lot
The Harts too doped to care
But the law found out soon enough
And to prison went him and her

The Johnsons begged the P M
To set both of them free
They said he owed his job to them
He said throw away the key

So in the year 2010
The Johnsons were finally locked away
Tom, their adopted son, was gone
And the Harts began to rehabilitate

But standing tall above them all
The premiership of Tim Hart began
Ten years in which he changed the world
And showed his greatness as a man

Some people, like the Johnsons,
Of course disagree
Others, like the Harts,
Couldn't be bothered to see

But Tom still watches
Cheering brother Tim on
Hoping that when they meet again
He'll be forgiven and they can be one

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