Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction posted September 11, 2016

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In Remembrance - 9/11

by Mary Wakeford

I remember with clarity watching the Today Show as I wrestled to wake from an unremarkable slumber.

Matt Lauer and Katie Couric were speculating on the smoke coming from the north tower of the World Trade Center when out of nowhere the second plane appeared on the screen and slammed into the south tower. I gasped and grabbed for my husband, who was standing next to the bed with a hot cup of coffee.

Hot liquid exploded everywhere as flames and jet fuel exploded in buildings 2300 miles away. We were both too stunned to react to the hot liquid as we absorbed the horror that had just struck our nation, and the loved ones of those who had or would soon lose their lives as the towers fell while other planes slammed into iconic America.

I remember being glued to the television over the next days, even weeks, against the advice of a stoic and wise then First Lady, Laura Bush, to turn the television off and spare the children the horror.

The posters of missing loved ones and the haunting desperation on the faces of those searching, hoping, praying their people were safe, just unable to be reached in the aftermath of horror. The candles, so many illuminating against the darkness of evil.

Todd Beamer's last audible words "Let's roll", who with the combined courage of the passengers aboard Flight #93 crashed into a farm field in Pennsylvania--his pregnant wife, Lisa, receiving the call from the dispatcher with his farewell message; knowing he was going to lose his life trying to defend the nation he loved, along with other passengers aboard that doomed plane, and would never know the child she was carrying for him.

There are times I want to forget this anniversary, along with the images of American journalists in orange jumpsuits before their heads were viciously cut from their bodies, and the 18 others these barbarians hold, who will no doubt meet the same fate. Our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, along with his assistant, and two former Navy Seals who were slaughtered by terrorists two years ago in Benghazi on this date.

I want to forget. I will never forget. In honor of those lost on that fateful day, and our soldiers who have died or been damaged defending the nation since 9.11.01. We must never, ever forget. Nor can our children.

Remember. Honor. Defend. Protect the homeland.


Something I shared a few years ago. In honor of today, sharing.

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