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Being truthful has its dangers.

The Secret

by Maria Jose Garcia

There was a knock on the door. Oh no! Maybe if I was very quiet and pretended not to be at home, he would go away.

I knew I wasn't making any sense. After all, it was me who had invited Josh over. I had told him we had to talk and he had agreed. The truth is he always agreed with everything I said. He was a very sweet guy. Uncomplicated.

It all started two months ago. Josh and I had been going out for around one year, but it had never got serious. We were friends with benefits, as people say, but not much more. Or so I thought.

Then one weekend, he suggested going to the beach for a couple of days. I said yes because I really needed a break from my job.

It was cold, so we just spread a blanket on the sand and sat on it wearing sweaters. We had a lovely picnic with us. Sardines, cheese, bread and beer. I felt really happy and relaxed.

All of a sudden, I heard a whirring noise and looked up. A tiny little plane was flying over us, dragging a banner. I couldn't believe my eyes. There were letters on the banner. It said: Mary, will you marry me? I had thought those things only happened in films. I had never expected a proposal like that in my own life.

I looked at Josh and smiled.

'Yes, of course,' I said and I hugged him.

'Thank goodness. I was afraid you might say no.'

'Why would I? You're a catch!'

So that was the beginning. But back to today and the knock on the door. When Josh proposed, I realized I would have to tell him the truth about me. That was a risk I had to run. But what if he couldn't live with it and decided to leave me? Well, it was better than living a lie.

'Mary, can you open the door please? It's freezing out here.'


I opened the door and there he was. Handsome as usual, a big smile on his face.

'What took you so long, beautiful?'

'I was in the shower,' I lied.

He walked in and followed me into the kitchen.

'Do you want some tea?'

'Yes, please.'


'Only if you have the ginger ones I like.'

'I do.'

I busied myself making the tea. Trying to buy some time.

'So what did you want to tell me? I'm a bit worried... You're not planning to break up with me, are you?'

'Nooo! Why would I?'

I stopped for a moment, thinking of what to say next.

'But, you know, I have this secret...'

'Have you been seeing somebody behind my back? That would be tough, but I'd forgive you.'

'Why do you have to think the worst of me? No, it's nothing like that.'

'What is it then?'

I took a deep breath and said, 'I'm a witch.'

Josh looked at me and burst out laughing.

'It's not a joke, Josh. It's for real.'

'Sure, dear. I bet you can even prove it.'

'I can, what do you want me to do?'

He pretended to think for a while. He even scratched his head mockingly.

'Well, I'd like you to turn yourself into a frog.'

'I can also turn YOU into a frog.'

'No, thanks. I'd rather watch,' he said, pretending to be horrified.

'Okay, there goes.'

I concentrated and turned myself into a little frog. Just like that. I was a very experienced witch and it wasn't very difficult for me.

From my vantage point on the carpet, I watched Josh. His eyes were open wide and he had turned pale, almost green.

'Do you believe me now?'

He didn't answer. Just ran for the door and left...

I reversed the spell and sat on the sofa. I wondered if I'd ever see him again.

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