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The Cycle of life

End Of August (Trilogy) Pt2

by RGstar

End of August

The sinking sun warms the sabulous soil
Sweetened petrichor, after rain, doth broil
Burdened autumn leaves, tired of life, too, coil
Sad sonorous sounds as the lone wolves toil
As old hails the new; such the way with all
Sighing August, smiles, though it too must fall

Seasoned salmon, swift, swims the upstream home
Weak and weathered, rise, o'er rocks and loam
A quest to spawn, where birthed, then die alone
And what burdens bear, needest not bemoan
With no thoughts to be of eternal walls
Too, like August, smiles, as she gently falls

Still we strive to grasp what's not ours reap
As to ease the pain of those hills so steep
Seems we've not yet learned; all that lives must seep
Whence with nothing came, shall we nothing keep
And if life so yearned, live! With joy... for all
Like August, smile, for even shadows fall



Perhaps, sometimes, we delve too deeply into the cycle of life and death...perhaps, even through faith, it is far more simple.

Part 2 of the Trilogy, preceded by 'Allegories of Spring' and the final 'Anguish' will be the last, following this post. This is without voice audio or image for a more personal experience.

Each species of salmon follows its own schedule to its place of birth for reproducing. It is believed that an inborn sense of smell guides each species to its original hatching grounds. When the fish leave the salt water of the ocean and enter the fresh water of the stream, they stop eating. The journey home is arduous and tiring, fraught with danger, fishermen, bears, etc. Only the strongest will make the journey. Competing for territory and digging nests (known as redds) in the gravel wears them out even further, yet, readily accept their fate, working towards it with beautiful abandon and work ethic of which we could learn. Spawning is the last thing salmon do before they die, yet
the the very nutrients formed by the deceased female will become part of the food chain for her the cycle do our own

Petrichor =The scent of rain on dry earth

Sabulous = gritty, sandy

Sonorous = of a voice or other sound; mellow, mellifluous, melodious

Whence = from which, from where...not when!

Music by y friend and composer- Kerri Powles; her first experiment with the flute with my additions of the wolves
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