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Poem about loving my life. This is actually a song.

A chapter in the book Prosetry

In Love with Life

by jusylee72

I fell in love with life one day
I'm not sure how it happened

I think it was the day, I realized

I'm really far from perfect.
In so many different ways

But OH, the thoughts I have inside my mind

If I could change my thoughts for gold
No child would ever hunger

I'd reach out to the world and let them know                                                                                                                 
A single fish can feed a crowd
A kindness kills the thunder

when hate tries to destroy our inner glow 

I know I am an optimist
My glasses dressed in pink 

For years I let others try to change me

They tried to take my spirit 
and criticize and tweek  

To take my life and somehow re-arrange me

Now I know the difference 
between happiness and pain 

It really is a choice that we must make

I wake up every morning 
whether sunshine or in rain 

and know that life's a gift that I must take

(Turns into a duet between the Optimist and the Pessimist)

Don't stop when the road is too narrow
Don't quit when the path is too long

(The Pessimist)
I can't too much has happened
My life has always been wrong

Come on get your head off my shoulder
Reach out take the world in your hand

Oh no, This world is too scary
My feet are stuck in the sand 

It really isn't very hard to do
Pick up your foot, now step, One, Two

P (Sarcastically)
Now, so what, I took two steps

(O(Sighs) speaks very fast and she gets louder and louder.  She says it all in one breath)

Each journey begins with a thought in your head that flows to your heart telling you what you want to be in life and how you want to get there which then translates to the direction you need to move if you are going to have any success and every one of those journeys begins with TWO STEPS.  NOW, GET UP AND MOVE!!!!!!

(Pessimist joins optimist - they sing together)

Don't stop when the road is too narrow 
Don't quit when the path is too long

Reach out give a hand to a stranger
Teach them to sing a new song 

Look up,  you just might see a rainbow 
dark clouds may just disappear

Come on, I can see the horizon
Really there's nothing to fear. 

And we will sing in harmony 
No matter where life finds us 
Then we will look back fondly on 
the road we left behind us 


I have a Broadway Melody that goes with this song. I was truly a child who sang as she walked home from school I would pretend all the doors were going to open and all the people would know the dance steps. I still have that girl inside of me.
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