Spiritual Non-Fiction posted September 5, 2016

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How great our God is!

Story of His love!

by Teri7

Yesterday was Sunday! We had a very good service and we could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit with us. It was so calming and reassuring. Everyone seemed to have a great time and was very blessed.

I sang "When He Speaks" and it always makes me feel good. I did play the piano for the congregational singing and offering. It's hard to put into writing how exhilarating that feeling is! I can feel the Holy Spirit helping me as I go along with whatever task I am trying to do.

Sunday night was another great time! Both messages lined up with the Word of God! When Bro. Shane was preaching about the woman with the issue of blood I listened very carefully. I think sometimes we as humans here on earth don't realize that God's word is true and powerful. More so than any two edged sword. He created this whole world and planned it out for each of us. I know that is hard to comprehend for some people as I was in that boat for some time too. I now thank Him every day for opening my eyes to see and hear His truth!

See, I was diagnosed with MS in 2004. It was hard going through all of it. Taking the solu-medrol treatments was painful and hard at times. I knew I risked my lungs collapsing and heart stopping with each treatment. It was a scary time for me. I knew the Lord, but not like I needed to.

This was a hard and difficult time in my life! I had been going to church and singing for the Lord. Taking the medicines I was on I didn't realize that. It was five or six years I had not attended church or do most anything I loved doing.
I used to teach Sunday School and sing in the choir also.

Bro. Shane started talking about me for some reason. To my church family and doctor I am a true miracle!

I now am able to attend church regularly. I play the piano, sing solo's and help clean the church on Saturdays. I do know that at one time in my life I was just too busy to do a job like cleaning. It is one of the most rewarding things I get to do now, along with baby sitting Greyson.

When I write poems or stories about God and how good He is I am so thankful and happy to do it. I love to write about Him, Greyson, family and nature! It keeps my mind in tact.

I know many won't read this and some won't even like it, but that is ok. I just want to spread the word that God really does heal and is still on the throne waiting for your talk with Him. I know there is someone that needs to hear this and I hope and pray they do!

Thank you for reading and reviewing. May God bless! Teri

Written by: Teresa A. Shortess


Thank you Diannatilley for the great art work! I used a lot of exclamation marks but when I get excited I can't help it. What better thing to get excited about than God and His love!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by Diannatilley at FanArtReview.com

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