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Miracles I have experienced!

by Teri7

As I sit here in my room on my computer, I started to reflect on my life of miracles. What is so neat about it is that each one of us have miracles and sees them in our life on a daily basis. It's just that we have to look with our spiritual eyes.

As I had mentioned before: when I see butterflies, sunshine, rain, flowers and trees to me that is a miracle from God for us to enjoy while we are here on this earth! His word is so full of miraculous things that happened. What's so sad is too many don't believe in Him or His word. I can't wait for the day when I see Him face to face! That will be His miracle to me!

When I awaken each day to our little cats and their hungry meow that is a miracle to me. I read on Facebook of so many owners that lose their little cats to bad disease or they just die. No one knows the cause. I am truly thankful for mine in my life. They do bring me joy!

See, growing up in life I have been a miracle thanks to the Good Lord. At an early age I almost died several times, but I was saved by His grace for His purpose. Because of that I am here with my three sons, two daughter in laws and grandson. It makes for a happy life. I don't get to see them all of the time, but they do stay in touch most days by phone or face time.

The miracle that stands out the biggest in my mind was the night I laid down to go to sleep. God had other plans for me that night. I can't fully explain every detail of that night in May, but I know it changed my life forever and I am so thankful.

It seemed I was in a dream state, but real enough that it frightened me really bad. Have you ever heard the phrase ," I saw my life flash right before my eyes?" Well, I truly did. I thought to myself if this is what God is going to see on judgment day then I need to do something really fast.

My husband knew something had taken place in me, but he didn't know exactly what. All I knew is that thanks to the Good Lord he stopped all the meds that was messing with my mind and only gave me what it took to keep me living physically.

See knowing the word of God I knew that the drugs were not of God. He is not the author of confusion, but satan is! I do not capitalize satan and I won't for any rating on here or anywhere. He is not worth it!

I realized that God gave me my health a long time ago when he died on the cross. He died for my salvation and freedom from death. I am so sorry that I didn't listen to Him close enough.

He let me see that he did not mess up my body to where I thought I would need medicine, but I did. I messed it up by working jobs that caused me to work late hours without much rest. He didn't cause me to marry my first husband to where he would hurt me so bad that I had to be on mind altering drugs to what I called live. In reality it wasn't really living. It was just existing again.

The only really good thing that came out of that marriage was my son, Jonathon. He and his wife gave me my grandson, Greyson!

I was on 17 medicines at one time. I don't even know how I could function, but somehow I did. I know it was only by the grace of God that I was able to. Just so you all will know I do take 7 for physical things. I do see my doctor now, but not as much as I did. My doctor is so happy. He even called it a miracle!

The first things I wanted to do when I awakened was to go back to our church and sing.
I had always sang at church, but not like I do now. I truly feel the Holy Spirit when I sing because I invite Him into my life, my singing, my writing! I give it all to Him!

Yes, there are days I feel I mess up and make mistakes. The neat thing about that is we can repent sincerely when we know we do something wrong. We don't have to keep in it our life forever, like I did.

The amazing miracle of all was going back to church and seeing all of my church friends. They were shocked and amazed at what the Lord had done for me. When I was at church before I had to have help up to the stage to sing. Now, Thank God, I can walk on my own, no wheelchair or help except from Him!

I can play the piano for the congregational singing, special songs that don't have tapes or CD to sing with and the offering. It feels so good to know it is Him using my hands, legs, feet, mouth and body to do His work.

I have pretty much touched on my miracle, but it grows every day! I hope this helps someone today with something they may be struggling with.

Written by: Teresa A. Shortess


When God touches it is the best thing that will ever happen to you!
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