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He Guards Them Every Night

Keeping His Word

by country ranch writer

My pet is a dog named Buddy he wasn't much of a dog to look at but he was ours. "Buddy was one of a kind."
He was a great protector. At the time we were living in Montana, we put down roots for a while at least till I was up and around again.

While I had been away from home for these past few years Buddy hung out with my brother William and his friend Ben who lived down the street. They were like the three musketeer-where one went you'd find the other two.

Ben was in the army with my brother William all through the war and we were devastated when they had to go to Iraq. They were killed one day during the fighting when their Stealth Rescue Chopper went down in a fiery crash. My Dad had them buried at the Veterans Cemetery near our home. We all took it hard especially Buddy.

I will miss them always, my brother was my best friend and what,ever I did in my life he was always proud of me. He was my role model in life it is still hard for me to believe he is gone.
Each day our dog Buddy would be on a mission, some may say it became an obsession with him to keep his word. Buddy would sneak into the Cemetery after dark and stay with the boys till dawn when the man would come unlock the gate.
I used to picture him there talking to the boys and when it got time to leave he 'd say something like, " Well I got to get on up out of here."

On his way home, Buddy stopped and looked around at his surroundings.The late afternoon sun painted the mountain sky with shades of yellow and purple, the mountains themselves looked like sparkling of gold as the sun hit it.

Buddy turned his way north so the sun would warm his back and his old bones. He wasn't getting any younger. He needed some food and some rest before heading home during the night. His trail was laid out well enough to find his way if it got too dark.

The wind was cold one morning as he started back. A red-tailed hawk. Greeted him as he flew over. The squirrels and other wild critters were trying to avoid the hawk

As Buddy reached his destination he found someone was there. He concealed himself in the shadows and listened to what she was saying. The girl spied Buddy looking at her, she, in a very soft voice, patiently talked to him.

He came cautiously forward to lay down by the boy's graves. She knew who he was guarding and told him they were very brave and she missed them both. She had served in their unit with them and witnessed them from her chopper going down. Everything went horribly wrong;
It was too late to get to them ; everything blew sky high. She told Buddy they died on impact and didn't suffer.

Hearing this story, he got up and put his head in her lap as if to say you were special to them too. She put her arms around Buddy and she cried her eyes out.
Finally she was able to compose her self and she told Buddy she had to get back to Iraq. She knew, he would take very good care of the guys, till she got back to the states. Giving him one last hug she kissed his cheek and walked away.
One day Buddy didn't come home it was freezing cold not a fit night out for man or beast.We thought maybe Buddy was holed up somewhere waiting for the storm to blow over as he had done this before. We waited and waited for him to show up but still no Buddy come morning.

The Cemetery called and said he found Buddy asleep on the graves. He had passed on sometime during the night. If it was all right with dad he'd bury him with the boys and he could still guard them right along.It was the kindest thing that anyone could have offered to do. He even put a small marker to mark his grave.

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