Spiritual Non-Fiction posted August 23, 2016

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Walking On Water Ain't Easy

by Deniz22

Peter became a great Apostle!

His road was often bumpy and eventually led to his death. But his death glorified Christ,

even as his life had done, and continues to do through his scriptural writings.

Want to be great for God like Peter? Want to be used of Him to feed His sheep and to bring in a haul of men as Peter once did? Wonderful ambition!

Christ said, "Follow Me, and I will MAKE you fishers of men."

If you want the prize, don't be surprised at the sometimes painful process. Prepare yourself to be publicly rebuked and embarrassed by the Lord as Peter often was! Even in later life, the Lord spoke through Paul to rebuke Peter publicly for a lapse in his faith.

Like Peter, our spiritual education will continue until we go to be with Him, or He returns for us!

So prepare yourself to experience sometimes sinking under waves of failure over and over again. Prepare yourself to be so often over-whelmed, you can only yell, "HELP!" to the ever present Lord. Prepare yourself to hear God, and yet be at first puzzled, as you yearn and seek for a better understanding of His word and will.

Prepare yourself to find out how truly weak you are in all things, and especially spiritual warfare. Prepare to sometimes weep bitter tears over your failure to honor such wonderful love as Jesus expressed on Calvary!

But also prepare to find in Jesus a Friend who will never forsake you! One who will extend His strong arm of power to pluck you from the bottomless sea of failure and despondency. Prepare to have your heart BURN within you as Christ opens the scriptures to your understanding!

Prepare to have a ministry empowered of the Holy Spirit. Prepare to experience a power you haven't ever known before, as you serve Christ and His beloved people. Prepare to have your prayers answered in marvelous ways. Prepare to grasp with wonder the Word of the Living God!

Prepare to have your natural fear of death removed by a fuller understanding of the resurrected Christ's Person and teaching. Prepare to enjoy in maturity, what you missed in your immaturity, as Christ fulfills the desires of your heart...which He inspired in the first place.

SO DON'T QUIT ON JESUS! And if you HAVE quit, come on back; there is complete recovery and the dream, of your life counting for God, still stands, waiting to fulfilled.

Just ask Peter...


See Peter the water-walking drop-out, back in the boat after being rescued by Jesus from the stormy sea; cold, wet. miserable...the big-mouthed, spiritual big-shot...trying perhaps to avoid the stares of those who saw his most recent blunder...but now, fast forward to a Sprit-filled man of God preaching a sermon which swept three thousand souls into the just-born church! Peter's many failures cannot obscure his genuine love for the One who first loved him with an eternal love. We love Him, because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19 (NKJV)

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