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Chapter 3 Callie Gives Chase An Ulimatum

Chase Gets Injured

by country ranch writer

Background; It has been a long day, Callie has been arguing with Chase ever since she found out he was not giving up rodeo for her. She had high hopes of getting him to settle down and work for her father over at the Double Rocking Ranch. It was a fancy dude ranch for rich people. Since he has been hanging around her, his scores have been falling behind. He has not been able to concentrate on his riding since he has been going out with her. He has been getting pressured from all sides
He hasn't had a decent night's sleep in months she kept him on the go from day one. He first thought she was beautiful and a great gal till he found out all she was looking for was a good time at his expense.
After the last rodeo, he was on the road again, this time without Barry. Yup Barry had to sit this one out. He'd be catching up soon as he was healed up. Callie agreed to go along to keep Chase company. She promised him she'd quit riding him about quitting. He should have never brought her along on this trip.

Chase wasn't thinking clearly when he went into the arena. Callie had words with him once
again before a ride. This was going to have to come to a halt soon before he really got hurt. He was just not staying focused. It was turning out to be another one of those days where nothing went right. He could see the handwriting on the wall.

His riding has been suffering and his scores have been way off since he got tangled up with Callie. She was a spoilt mixed up rich city gal thinking she can buy a man to do her bidding. That is till Chase takes a stand of his own.

Chase found her beautiful and smart, but she kept wanting him to quit the rodeo and find another line of work. This was his passion in life, how could she ask him to give it up? She was giving him the ole line. "He had to choose either rodeo or her."

This morning was no different. He left to go to the rodeo earlier than usual to get his head on straight but it wasn't working. Her words kept going through his mind. He was still bummed out when it was his turn to ride. He just couldn't stay focused and stay on for those eight seconds, he was on the ground in four, no score.

"Chase!" Barry yelled; jumping over the rails to get to him ; falling to his knees beside him he began questioning him. "Are you all right?"

Barry had come to the rodeo to watch Chase today since the Doc wouldn't give him his own release to ride till next check up.

"I'm alright, I'm fine Barry. It is my own damn fault. Nodding towards Callie as he said,"My mind wasn't focused on riding."

Oh! Great Barry thought to himself just what he needs another buckle bunny hanging onto him. They were at every rodeo they attend. He didn't know Chase had been dating this one on a steady basis. He'd been back home recuperating from his own injury for the past few months. Chase called him regular but never once mentioned this girl.

Callie came running up saying,"I am glad I came today."

She began wiping tears from her eyes. Pointing to Chase she said to Barry, "He could have gotten killed or badly hurt or crippled. Then what would I have done?"

Chase lifted a weary hand to tuck the loose strand of hair behind her ear. She sighed. "What am I going to do with you?"

Chase told her. " Not to worry, it probably looks worse that it is."

Chase introduced Barry to Callie telling her he was his partner and they traveled to the rodeos together. Callie rushes forth to shake his hand," I am so happy to meet you."

Barry managed a smile on his face and said, "Nice to meet you too."

Trying to raise up Chase said,"Let's get on out of here."

"Whoa slugger", Barry told him to lie still. The Doc was on his way out to check him out.

"I'm fine," Chase replied.

"That's up to the Doc to decide," Barry told him roughly.

Just as Doc showed up, Callie was saying," I wish now you'd listen to me and find another line of work. I can't be worried about your safety every time you get on a horse."

Doc told Chase he needed to go to the hospital and be checked out and motioned for the guys with the stretchers to come load him into the ambulance.

He said, "Please stand back," he said. Roughly moving Callie out of the way so his men could get through."

She huffed at him and he said, "Stay back then." He said tersely showing his displeasure as he set to work on Chase. Mumbling under his breath damn buckle bunnies gonna kill everyone out here.

While Chase was being worked on Barry told Callie." To just be cool about everything. We can't afford to get in Docs way. Time was of the essence."

When the ambulance left with Chase aboard Doc stopped and talked to Barry. Telling Barry Chase was on his way to the hospital with broken ribs and he badly bruised his spine and hip from the way he landed when he went over his horses head landing wrong. He was lucky that was all that happened.

Shaking his head, he said, "That boy needs to stay focused." As he left to go to the hospital to run tests on Chase.

Callie gripping, "She was not pleased, at all!"

Barry was confused by her actions. He couldn't understand why she was being so contrary now.
Women! He'd never figure them out. She walked away from Barry saying, "And if you have anything to say just save it for another day."

Callie got in her truck and headed to the hospital to see Chase. Barry figured he better keep a low profile and stay away from the situation for now. He headed for the closest bar in town. Even, so the events of the evening troubled him. It wasn't like Chase to be so unfocused. He said it aloud to the night air as he got out of his truck, putting on his hat.

"What happened to you Chase out there in the arena, what were you thinking, and who is that girl with you?"

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