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Super powers create havoc in spite of the best intentions

Making amends

by oliver818

Outrageous Superhero Powers Contest Winner 
As Joe sat in his cell waiting for the policeman to come back and interview him, he had to admit he was slightly disappointed with how it had all turned out. After all, the day had started off so wonderfully. He had awoken from a night of refreshing sleep, his soul burning with desire to create a better world. His eyes that, as he knew from what the old man had told him, could now shoot flames, were simmering, metaphorically of course, in their sockets, just waiting for the opportunity to burn bad guys. His super strength, he really could see a slight bulge in his upper arms where yesterday there had been none, was just waiting to be released!

Leaping out of bed, he slipped on last night's clothes and went flying. But not just a small slip like you see in the movies where the character crashes into a sad mess against the wall, instead, Joe went crashing through the wall of his bedroom, into the bathroom, through the kitchen and out into the yard. Looking behind him, he was a little shocked at the mess. Burst pipes were blasting water all over the place, wet plaster clung grimly to splinters, and the look on his room mate's face looked like it wouldn't last long as simple bewilderment but might turn into something more unpleasant. With a quick wipe of his super arms he checked his super muscles. Yes, they were still there. Checked his car keys. Ah. He went back into the house, accidentally stood on the cat's tail, squished a banana that had somehow fallen to the floor, stealthily evaded his room mate's glare, grabbed his keys and ran. Into a portion on the ceiling that had fallen down while he was getting his keys, and in a rage he picked it up and threw it with all of his force. It fell on his room mate who groaned his disapproval of that morning's unpleasantness.

Phew, he was outside now. He sat in his car to calm down and get ready for his first day fighting crime. He used his super powerful ears to listen for cries of help, and, carefully ignoring the cries that belonged to his room mate, he zoned in on a robbery. Ah ha, a chance to help a poor, innocent victim! He launched his car forward with his super feet, and having forgotten to change gear, drove straight back into his house and into the living room. Not to be done out of his chance to help, and since his super hearing had also picked up a police siren possibly called by a neighbour, he got out of the car and began to run. As he ran, his super powerful legs sent huge slaps of concrete spinning off in all directions behind him, smashing into cars, buildings, trees and houses. But he would not be stopped. After five blocks he found the house and, without hesitating, smashed through the wall into the lounge. The victim was tied up, and the thief, a smallish man without any really interesting features, was thrusting objects of value into a black bag. Joe decided to give the man a good dose of his eye fire. He took aim and boom. The flames burst out of his head and surrounded the thief, encompassing him in a blanket of red.

However, to Joe's surprise, when the flames and smoke subsided he found that the man wasn't burnt at all. Rather, he looked much better than before, more powerful. His small arms now bulged with muscles. His face had been sculpted into that of a gorgeous male model, his chest was bulging with muscle and energy, and he seemed to be, well, hovering in the air. As Joe took in this new information, he quickly realised something was very wrong. His own powers seemed to have disappeared. He could hardly hold himself up! Meanwhile, the thief was just discovering his new powers! Filled with pleasure, he began to fly around the room, laughing evilly. He burst out of the roof, and soared up and down, picking up cars and flinging them all over the place, burning trees with his fiery eyes, and generally causing a lot more havoc than he had been when he had been a simple man making his living through robbery.
Joe released the guy who was still tied up in the house, apologised softly for the mess, and, head bowed, headed out the door to find a police station.

"Sir, I would like to turn myself over to the police."
The grey haired policeman who felt he had seen most things in his long career looked up and asked without much surprise, "May I ask why?"
" Well, let's just say that since this morning I've destroyed my house, several roads and created a monster who may just destroy the entire human race. It would seem that having superhuman powers is not much use when they include being super clumsy, and having the ability to give your enemy superpowers infinitely more powerful than your own while reducing your own powers to nill."
The policeman looked behind the maniac and saw, out the door and up the street, a trail of smashed concrete, burning trees and burst pipes swishing and slashing water from busted walls, and, in the midst of it all, a crazy man dancing and flying around, smashing, grabbing, plundering and seeming to be having the time of his life. He picked up his phone and dialed the number for his superior.

The old man entered the cell unexpectedly. "You bloody fool, don't you remember anything?" He thrust two packets of powder into Joe's hand. "I said if you drink this one first followed by this one, you will have superhuman strength, but if you get it around the wrong way, you will cause utter havoc and mayhem and may possibly destroy the world".
"Oh yeah, sorry about that," a sheepish looking Joe muttered. He drank down the powders, in the correct order this time, under the watchful eyes of the old man, and after a brief flash of lightning and some smoke, he found himself muscled and toned and ready to be a force for good.
"Now get out there and sort this out," ordered the old man, and the hovering superhero, head bowed, floated gently out of the police station and went to clean up his mess and save humanity.

Outrageous Superhero Powers
Contest Winner
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