Spiritual Fiction posted August 18, 2016

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A short story.

The final life awaits!

by Rasmine

My body died in August of last year, but I still walk the Earth. It was my choice; I chose to be a bringer of light. I'll never forget when my light entered me. Knowing that it was me took a few seconds to understand. Now I bring others their light when it is time.

It happened on August 15th. I stepped off the curb, rushing to the bus, and not paying attention. I always did that when I saw the bus and knew I would miss it if I didn't rush. I couldn't miss this bus, though, too much was at stake. This interview could lead to a well-paying teaching job. I ran out thinking the car coming towards me wouldn't hit me, and it didn't. The truck that barreled around the corner did.

I was in shock; I was scared; then I was in awe! The impact sent my body a few dozen feet; my soul further. I stood by the mangled body, shock filled me when I realized that it actually was me. I felt tears from fright--I guess we have an after-death body. Then I saw the most beautiful bright light.

I sucked in my breath. A face formed in this luminescent fog. I wasn't afraid anymore, I was in awe! I was reminded of all the images of angels and spiritual beings that I had seen in my life. Still, all those images didn't do justice.

It smiled and the face moved a little closer to me. I couldn't tell if it was female or male. Strange, I hadn't been scared, usually, when a person or animal that I didn't know moved towards me I became afraid. There was something in its countenance that was inviting. It was at that time, the movement of the angelic-like mist because a quick motion towards me. It was suddenly inside of me!

I felt tingling, and a rush of swirling dizziness. It was like a spiritual seizure! Then it stopped. It either passed through me or remained in me.

"I am you, you are me."

I heard this soft voice, and then visions of my life flashed quickly through my mind. I was walking and mom was bending down holding her arms out to catch me. I was swinging on a swing with my father gently pushing me. I was in school laughing with some friends. I was getting ready for my first date. I graduated high school, and then college. I was working as a teacher on my first day. I received a pink notice from the principal who apologized profusely.

Then I remembered another life--memories came swiftly. I was speaking another language, not English, but I understood it. I was making love to a beautiful woman and then asked her to marry me. I was wearing a uniform proudly, then marching... I sucked in my breath when I realized it was Germany and the man I had been was wearing a Nazi uniform.

Then another life--this went on for a while. The images of past lives traveled quickly through my mind as a movie does in fast forward. My god, reincarnation was real!

When I was done with the quick inventories--seemed like a while, but probably was only a few minutes, I guess I had to make a decision. Do I stay here or go back to my life?

I looked over at the mangled body now with EMT's getting ready to use a portable defibrillator. If I went back, the pain would be excruciating, I wouldn't have money to pay the medical bills, I wouldn't have a job. On the other hand, I would miss my friends, and they were like my family. The dilemma proved heartbreaking.

I turned away; behind me, I saw something that persuaded my decision. Another light, brighter than the angel that was me, opened. I saw my grandmother, my grandfather beside her, my aunt and uncle in the background, my mother was smiling at me, and my dad was grinning. All of the people that had passed before me were now smiling a warm greeting. During this life, they had all died within years of each other, now here they were again. I decided.

Closing my vision to the living world, I turned towards the next. And now, here I am a bringer of that bright light to all living beings, so they could make that eternal decision.

The Most Brilliant light contest entry

Thank you USWA6346 for the use of your photo. I searched for a long time on FanArt until I found the perfect art to illustrate my short story.
I am not religious at all, but I have a spiritual heart. I feel strongly that there is something after this life. What it is, I do not know, I can only conjecture. We will all find out the truth!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by USWA6346 at FanArtReview.com

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