Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted August 14, 2016

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Contest Political Rant

Are You Mad ~ I Am.

by poetsteve15

God Bless the USA
Are You mad ~ I Am.
Picture by Pinterest

Are You Mad ~ I Am.
I am getting sick and tired of fools
trying to tell me that this country isn’t
great anymore. The hell we are not. I don’t
know where they are looking. But I see
greatness everyday all you have do is look.
~ + ~  
We have people here that can built a rocket engine
that will land back it’s pad after lift-off,
Oh, hell yes, a brand new new rocket engine made
and built here in good  old US ofA;
we are also building new clean  solar farms
~ + ~
I see people helping each other everyday,
we watch as others run to help people they
don’even t know or help a fallen cop who was
just shot with no through of his own safety,
don’t let the Trumps try tell you we are not great
anymore, because we will always be a great Nation!

~  + ~
 We have always had few like Trump
who try to make it sound bad here.
Don't you believe them! I never seen that  
when we where in time of trouble
we don't run from it, we run towards it,
than we help each other out

in time trouble.
So don't let this one man change the way
our nation works.
Show him by voting for anyone but him.

August 14, 2016

Political Rant contest entry

Thank you Pinterest for a great picture. I love this country more than anything that is why I fought for it. I does make me mad when these fools keep saying they are going take back their country. Will last time I voted I though it was all of ours. Not just his or any one person. Now he says if he loses it will because he was cheated. Will the polls tells us otherwise. Does he want the job if even if we don't vote for him; and what is he planning on doing if he lose, just take it anyways?
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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