General Poetry posted August 10, 2016

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Being a Universal soldier

Red, White and Blue!

by Bar62

   I fought in the Revolutionary war
To win freedom from tyranny
I fought for the right to choose my religion
For the right to live free!

No taxation without representation
This was our battle cry!
Fought to uphold the system of slavery.
We would live free or die!

I joined the rebel army
To fight the Yankee way
We sang about ole’ Dixie
And walking with Jesus on judgment day

Must have killed me a hundred or more
Of those Union fools
While Sherman burned down our country
Homes, hospitals, and schools.

I fought in the war against Mexico
Fought in Korea, and World War One
We raped, pillaged and plundered
Would not stop until we were done!

I flew over Japan
As we dropped Enola Gay
Three days later, we let Little Boy fly,
For Pearl Harbour, it was the Japs turn to pay!

 Walked the Ho Chi Minh trail
Set flame to many straw huts
We Killed and raped, a whole lot of gooks
And those traitors back home said I was nuts!

911 shook us to our core
So we attacked Afghanistan
Getting rid of Saadam and bombing Iraq
Was always part of our long-standing genocidal plan.

Shock and Awe, a day that will live in infamy,
Saadam deserved it for how he did behave,

Relentless saturation bombing 
That put countless Iraqis in their grave

The fighting continues, war goes on
It’s big business, lots of money to be made
More young men and women to feed the machine
The human being is a violent species, to turn the other cheek, for this I prayed.

Now I am wedded to this chair,  

Having lost both legs, sad but true!
I still sit straight and erect, as I salute
The red, the white and the blue!


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