General Poetry posted August 9, 2016

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The Thirteenth Day

by Mystic Angel 7777

Faith/ Free Form Contest Winner 

The thirteenth day a vision bright,
sweet lady clothed in brilliant light.
Requesting sacrifice and prayer
of three young children standing there.

Each sacrifice to make amends
for all man does that much offends.
“If you accede, your lives I’ll bless.”
The children smiled and answered “Yes”.

The thirteenth day, a promise made,
that they should never be afraid.
“Pray fervently for all who sin
so heaven’s gates will let them in.”

The children prayed both day and night
to soothe the anguish of man’s plight.
They suffered great indignity,
were scorned by those who could not see.

The thirteenth day a crowd drew near
some came in faith, some came to jeer.
The rain and mud could not erase
the grace upon each child’s young face.

The sun then danced upon the clouds
and started falling towards the crowds.
Those without faith ran in great fear,
while others healed as it drew near.

A century is soon to pass
since three young children knelt in grass.
Their faith preserved the hope of peace
though still our fighting will not cease.

I’ll be there on the thirteenth day
for all mankind and peace I’ll pray.

Faith/ Free Form
Contest Winner


New Notes: Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun please take a moment to pray for world peace. Also, free form as the rules for this contest stated was ANYTHING that as not structured like a sonnet or Terza Rima.

Original Notes: The miracle of Fatima is well documented. At the time, it made headlines in even the most secular newspapers who all acclaimed it as a true sign from God. Viewed for miles away from the actual site, it is estimated that 70,000 were present in the field with the children that day. Our Lady of Fatima delivered three secrets to the children which Lucia wrote about. She appeared for the first time to the children on May 13th, 1917 with the miracle occurring on October 13th of the same year. Due to the miraculous event, many people were healed of illness and numerous conversions took place. It is said nobody who saw it could doubt the existence of an all loving and all powerful God. Next year is the 100th anniversary and I pray fervently for the atonement of all sin and a lasting peace throughout the world - she would be so happy if we could accomplish some small measure of that goal. If the faith of three young children could move the heavens, imagine what we grownups could do if we merely tried.

Many thanks to Badger Catholic for sharing this still from the movie "The 13th Day".
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