Fantasy Poetry posted July 31, 2016

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A swimmer learns about true democracy under the sea

An Underwater Political Tale

by HarryT

I swam upon an undersea precipice
A current of warmth gushed over me
Standing erect a regal-looking octopus
Startled I turned, kicked a fearful wake

He called,
"Don't be frightened all are welcome here
To the precipice of the brave and the free

He introduced himself,
"I am Harley-Harley Octopus,
I represent the octopi of this region
We are a successful undersea democracy"

Our motto is "Olly, olly, ocean free
Come to our precipice and you'll be free"

"Mr. Octopus," I said,
"Thank you for the offer of hospitality,
I sense the goodness of your precipice"

"Thank you," he said
"We learned hate is not the way
We cured our anger and angst
Holding accountable those who prevaricate

In our state, corporations are not people
We stopped the bribing, lobbying ways
Revived our founding fathers' noble quest
Enforce their checks and balances bequest."

"Harley, Harley Octopus, please
Tell me what our people can do to
Emulate all that here you do."

"Tell me," he said, "what troubles of your land"

"Well," I said,
"Our political reality strangles our land
Beholding politicians bestowing favors
In return for donations is our way

Extreme right-wingers and false redeemers
Spread pessimism, selfishness and falsehoods
While refusing to listen, discuss or negotiate

There's a Tea party and the religious right
Characterize by ignorant pride, wanting to dictate
How people live their lives and decisions by our
Supreme Court as Citizen United and PACS
Granting permission to spread negativity and lies

"Stop! Your angry litany," shouted Harley-Harley Octopus
Waving his arms, a warning glint in his enlightened eyes

"It is up to people like you to rise up and cast out the
Lying, avaricious deceivers who claim to be redeemers
Do not pay homage to the self-righteous, religious right
Refuse their attempts to peddle sin and flames of fright

Unfortunately yours is a greed-infected land
Fanned by narcissistic, arrogant men
A government ruled by special interests
A government nourished by favoritism
A government that money seeks to buy

It's time for your people to stand up
Become active participants in democracy
Weed out those who foster oligarchy
Limit manipulative corporate contributions
In short, put an end to wealthy men's power

Recognize the social contract
Educate all who come to your shore
Spread health throughout the land
Share the fruits of wealth and labor
If these actions are not taken
Your country will be undone
That's all that I can say."

With that, he swam away.

Political Rant contest entry

An underwater fantasy that swam into my head.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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