General Poetry posted July 31, 2016

This work has reached the exceptional level
Give your tongue a treat and read this aloud.

All the News Fit to Print

by kiwisteveh

this morning's edition
sedition suspicion
dispenses conviction
subs in a quandary
where are the boundaries
frisson of friction
delayed execution
conclusion -- confusion

Letters to Editor
lampoon a predator
all apoplectic
like general electric
perspective invective
misleading comparison
could be embarrassing
grand contradiction
in false benediction
and high indignation
or terse conversation

all barely rational
Munich and Nice
do we trust the police
Brussels is plundering
Paris and London
Kabul and Istanbul
festering tension
a sentry no entry
devising dissension
commanding a question
with no explanation

Puzzles and Comics
defy economics
capering jester
insidious monster
invidious punster
or funster imperious
you cannot be serious

Religion by pigeon
o master commander
mister of mystery
fingering rosary
ignoring the history
father confessor
offender transgressor
he seeks absolution
no finer ablution
oh such convolution
the censor considers
extensive revision

(or strifestyle)
the makers and menders
and various vendors
approaching completion
when breaching or broaching
or scrambling or poaching
tasters of pastry
perfume of the pantry
way up on the gantry
teachers and mentors
from way over yonder
the menu's eclectic
a fine delectation
concoction affection

Fashion's a mission
a mistress mysterious
pendulous frivolous
scarlet suspenders
a mantle impressive
engenders a passion
your package big spender
returning to sender
underwear optional
(future conditional)
a kinder reminder
both over and under
in season the reason
my only possession.

Whither the Weather
we founder and blunder
in blustery westerly
Wednesday's a better day
warmer than Saturday
former or latter day
windier wetter day
frontal disgruntlement
better get shelter
but could be a belter

remarks on The Arts are
compelling depiction
of factual fiction
in separate session
of cinematography
not quite pornography
artsy meandering
gawking and gandering
past understanding
both take-off and landing
fostering posturing
commonplace commentary
prose on the promontory
mantra at centre
an easy transition
to tenderly kissing
asunder like thunder
precision illusion

researching the rising
it's hardly surprising
pollution solution
gets hardly a mention
conditional fission
is missing explosion

fancy tricks
did not have relations
or even sensations
cluster and banter
of Satan or Santa
advance or regression
the splintering faction
rendition redaction
to sphincter contraction
and gross putrefaction

Sports of all sorts
with athletic endeavour
poetic forever
superior sizzlers
precision in motion
come up for decider
a bungle a blunder
or pull off a blinder
coulda been a contender
underdog plundering
greater or lesser
defender oppressor
crowd ever louder
cessation of motion

here's Editorial
persuasion occasion
for high exhortation
ponderous pondering
indignant and wandering
reduction of tension
or misapprehension
a whole new dimension
emotion in passing
digression digression
the end


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