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A rather scary day this turned out to be

It Does Rain On Parades

by prettybluebirds

It was one of those days when everyone was sure nothing could go wrong. The weather was gorgeous, a cloudless blue sky and a light southerly breeze. The humidity was quite high, as well as the temperature, but not abnormally so for the fourth of July. Our parade group, The Pink Posse, was happily loading our horses to head for the
Fourth of July Parade.

We had spent the day before getting our saddles polished until it could about blind a person to look at them. Then we checked every little detail of our costumes to make sure they matched one another perfectly. That morning our horses all got a bath and were groomed to a high shine. The horses loaded into the trailers with no problems, and it appeared all was well. The day was going to be a fun-filled, beautiful day. All of us were in high spirits as we headed for the parade.

When we arrived at our destination, we unloaded the horses and began getting them ready. We put pink saddle blankets, pink leg wraps, and pink hats on the animals; to which we added our sparkling saddles. All four of us women wore pink shirts with a long fringe, black pants, pink boots, and pink hats. Our group always stood out in a parade, and as often as not, we took home the winning trophy. Mostly, we enjoyed getting together and having fun.

As we lined up for the parade, we noticed the sky looked a little hazy, and the breeze picked up a little. Still, no one was concerned. When the humidity gets high it often makes for a steamy day in Michigan. Besides, the weather man predicted beautiful conditions for today. We waited quietly for the parade to begin.

The bands commenced playing, and we all started moving down the street. Someone hollered, " Hey, I just heard thunder." Everyone laughed and asked how a person could possibly hear thunder over the bands and sirens. It wasn't long before we found out.

Just as the parade reached the center of town, there was a bright flash and an ear-splitting boom. It was all we could do to handle our terrified mounts. Following that loud crash of thunder, rain began pounding down in windblown sheets. Then, to add mayhem to misery, a tent broke loose and was blown up the street towards us. There was no way our horses would continue down that street. We turned them around and kept them under control as best as possible on our way back to our trucks and trailers. Luckily, no one in the crowd got run over, and none of us lost complete control of the horse they were riding.

Not surprisingly, the parade never resumed that day. We soggy Pink Posse ladies loaded our equally wet, disgruntled horses, and headed for home. It became a day to remember, not exactly as we planned it, but still a day to tell our children about. It proves the quote, "It rained on their parade," is a true one indeed.

It Was One of Those Days writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
"It was one of those days," Start your story with that prompt. It might be a day when you thought you did everything right, but it changed. It might be one of those days when life was amazing and you could do nothing wrong. Which ever day you choose live it in your story.


This is a true story. Sorry, it's so short. I ran out of time for the contest. I have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to enter a contest. It's a habit I must correct.
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