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Peace Through Prayer

by TAB_that's me

Terrorism, hate crimes, cop shooting, gay bashing, bullying…the list goes on and on and on.  I could write all day about the horrific crimes and problems  in this country—in this world.  Instead, I write of peace, of hope, of love, and most importantly about the power of prayer.

Now more than ever, this country, and every other country, need to come together in prayer, to unite in peace.  God, through His reign in the heavens and over all of earth, who has given His kingdom and power to His son, Jesus Christ, also has given us His kingdom and power, through the death and resurrection of His son.

This isn’t about “Black Lives Matter”, yet…it is.  This is about cops being killed, but…it’s not.  This isn’t about gay or transgender rights or religious freedom, and…it is.  This is about bullying, yet…it isn’t.  It is about changing the world through love, hope, and peace through prayer.

We can unite in prayer for this country.  For this world.  Through Jesus Christ and prayer, we can move mountains.  We’ll never end the war, but like a gentle breeze or babbling brook can bring individual peace, we can restore our souls by praying peace throughout the land.

Many people have organized protests.  Though they are meant as peaceful marches against various crimes, they often trigger more hate and violence.  I feel God speaking to me about the need to hold prayer vigils of peace.

Right now I’m feeling like the character, Jerry Landers, played by John Denver, in the 1977 movie, “Oh God”.  God, played by George Burns, came in the form of an old man to a supermarket manager telling him to spread the word—the word of Him—God.  Jerry resisted at first but eventually did even though he was met by resistance from family and friends. 

Today, I woke up to the news of yet another shooting of an unarmed (with hands in the air) African-American man by a police officer.  Tomorrow will bring news of another killing—by police, of police, or other horrendous acts of hate. 

Today is not another ordinary day for me.  Today is a day God spoke to me, “Do something.  Take a stand.”  There are other times I’ve heard His voice.  I thought about doing something, organizing something, but I never do.  I sit back.  I let someone else handle it.  I don’t even go to protests, marches or vigils.  I sit in my comfort zone hiding my head in the sand.

“I’m an introvert, not an extrovert, God, why me?”

“Why not you?”

“What would you have me do?”

He didn’t answer at first.  Okay, I thought, maybe I’ll get a small (very small) group of people together and we can try to do a “Black Lives Matter” march.  I live in a small rural community with few black people but it doesn’t matter, we can still take a stand.  But then God said, “Through prayer.”  Hummm…okay.  Yea!  That is much more comfortable.  I’ll sit at home, at work, or in my car and I will pray.

 “Thanks God.  That sounds much easier.”

Well, God kept talking to me and my quiet, little, private prayers are not what He has in mind.  He wants strong prayer.  He wants people gathered in prayer.  He wants prayers of kindness, peace, and hope.  He wants prayers of love for all humankind. He wants prayer vigils.

He guides me as I write these words.  He’ll guide me as I take this a step further.  My heart rate jumps and my breath catches in my throat as I think about the possibility of climbing out of my comfy little box wrapped in my blanket of fear.  But I trust in God.  I long to do the work He wants me to do.  He’s been preparing me now for quite some time.  A true disciple of Christ will go out, leaving their fishing boat or field behind, to spread the word of God.  I am His disciple.

I’m not a preacher, not a teacher.  I’m not a speaker, but I have a voice.  I trust God to give me direction and bring forth the tasks He has in mind.
Some of you may wonder how praying can possibly help bring peace to our country.  We may never see it with our eyes.  We may never know the good it does, but if our prayers, whether in silence, in small groups or large crowds, can reach one person, then we have done our job.  One person laying down his gun through the power of prayer may save a life, ten lives or hundreds of lives.

If Jesus could feed 5000 people with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fish, then we through the power of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can feed peace through words and prayer to thousands.  Just like a smile or laughter can be infectious, a domino effect of peace can be infectious too.

I ask you all to stand with me in prayer for peace, love and hope through the power of God, our creator, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Let God move in you and through you.  He’ll shine the light on the path we each should follow as long as we open our eyes, ears and mind to Him. 

It is easier to hide in the darkness behind our fears, but God wants a movement—a wave of prayers across the lands.


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