Fantasy Poetry posted July 18, 2016

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How the cow came to be

The Tale of the Sea Cow

by Linda Engel

One misty morning in the land of Lore
A herd of cows washed up on the shore
Sad in not having green grass to graze
And missing the taste that once amazed.

It's how and why the cows landed on shore
That takes this sea tale from fable to lore.
Yes, the cows once frolicked in the dark seas
Swimming about with their knobby cow knees.

Oh! the mermaids screamed and they wailed
Cows swimming about without mermaid tails.
So the cunning She-Devils concocted a plan
To send the sweet, gentle cows forever to land.

The mermaids gathered green seaweed galore
To entice the sea cows to move closer to shore
Then surrounded the herd quick, fast and swift
Splashing their tails causing the waters to shift.

The swirling water pushed the cows to the top
Then high into the air and down with a plop
Onto the shore, they were stunned and dazed
Mooing in sadness for no green grass to graze.

The mermaids giggled to see in the sand
Cows wobbling and falling, trying to stand.
Taking leave the mermaids dove down deep
Perfectly happy for a good night's sleep.

Soon a farmer heard the cows' low mooing
And gathered hay for comfort and soothing
Gently he coaxed the cows back to his home
Contented and mooing, nevermore to roam.

And that's how the sea cow landed on shore
A sea baring tale that turned to magical lore
The cows are so happy it happened that way
As they give us sweet cream dairy each day.


I loved this picture challenge. It was fun. It was part of the Picture This group and writes every two weeks. Please review the others.
I enjoy writing a story in a poem and this one was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy it.
I think it would make a fun children's poem illustrated into a book.

Thanks Carol for the awesome picture.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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